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RIOT could we get some input here?

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There seem to be allot of suppositions as to how the solo/duo matchmaking system works. I think this is leading to allot of wild ideas as to how to fix what people think are issues but may not actually be a problem. Could we get some real numbers as to a couple of things that seem to be in question.

1) Is there a cap either percentage or numerical value for variance of skill ratings between the highest and lowest players in a match? If so any chance you would share that number?

2) Are all elo gains and losses (the actual value changed per game) simply based on number of ranked games played? Is there any weighting given to a case where someone was the highest or lowest rated player in the game?

3) While we all have internet issues and some tolerance is necessary, is there a number of times a player can leave or go afk in ranked before they simply cannot q for ranked anymore? If not would this be something you would consider?

4) Does the current matchmaker take into consideration the margin for error in a player's rating? In other words is it able to differentiate between two players with a 1300 elo where one has played 16 games and the other has played 200?

I'm sure your player base would appreciate some facts instead of a bunch of WAGing.