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Finding Icathia (Kassadin's Origin)

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Hello all, It's TastyBeeBurgers with another champion's lore revisited. This is an expansion of Kassadin's Lore. I'll be posting five parts (though this time I'll put them all in the same post instead of spreading them out)

Also: If you are interested, please tell me which champ's lore you'd like to see next. Thanks for reading, enjoy!


In the heart of Zaun, Kassadin poured over one crust map after another. He searched for something more than a vague hint, or whispered clue to find the lost city. Most of the books written on the subject were warnings rather than guides to finding the place. It was as though hundreds of writers and historians had conspired to drive him mad.

“Kass!” A friendly shout managed to break through the frustration that had been building for hours. The explorer turned to find his colleague rushing through the Zaun library. Amir, Kassadin’s long time friend and partner, clutched a small book to his chest like it was worth all the gold in Runeterra. Considering what they’d been planning for the last few weeks, that was all too likely.

“It’s a map.” Amir explained, holding the book open. Though they had already looked at this particular piece of writing, evidently Kassadin’s partner thought it was worth a second glance. The book contained a crude sketch of a garden, something that seemed out of place in a manuscript concerning the Shurima desert.

“These are just symbols, representing landmarks in Runeterra.” As he went from one object in the picture to the next, Amir explained what real world location they might correspond to. Once by one they narrowed down various landmarks, from the Barrier Mountains, to the Voodoo Lands until finally the two of them were drawn to a small idol at the corner of the garden, speaking aloud what they’d only dreamed of finding, “…Icathia.”


“Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!” Seraph cried in glee, running across the cluttered workshop. Before Kassadin could stop her, she leapt into the air. He had just enough time to drop his latest map, when a pair of wiry arms wrapped around his chest. Catching his daughter, the explorer returned her hug. As she had always done, Seraph put a proud grin on Kassadin’s face.

“You should have seen it, Dad!” the young girl stated exuberantly. Wrapping her legs around her father’s waist, she freed her arms to gesture as she continued her story. “This rat came out of the sewer and talked to me!”

As she babbled about her imaginary friend, Kassadin took a moment to direct a glare at Janis. The babysitter raised his eyebrow in response as though to say: “She’s your daughter, not mine.” The explorer moved toward the nanny, who seemed to think a visit to the sewers was an acceptable destination for a small girl. However, he’d only taken a step, when Seraph let go of his waist to stare at the map he’d dropped.

“You’re leaving again,” she said matter-of-factly. It wasn’t the disappointment or sadness in her voice that hurt. Instead, Kassadin felt ashamed when he detected the traces of abandonment in her words. He kneeled, trying to comfort her. “But… you just got home.”
“You’ll understand,” Kassasdin explained, hating the pleading look in her eyes. She was right. He’d only just returned from an expedition, but this was too great an opportunity to pass by. “This is the last time. I promise. And when I come back, I’m building you a palace for us to live in.”

Slowly, Seraph lowered her gaze to the floor, turning so he wouldn’t see the tears that had begun to run down her cheeks. Kassadin hugged his daughter one more time before giving her back to Janis. Gathering his maps and charts, the explorer made for the door. Before he left, he thought he heard Seraph whisper, “I don’t want a palace, Dad, just you.”

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