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[A Sorcerer's Reasons] Light-hearted Lulu x Veigar One-Shot!

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what's Le Boop?
I mean, I know le is masculine form for the in french, but what did it stand for?
What was the deep meaning behind it?

The deep meaning behind Le? Or the story? o__o

And I just put Le cuz... you know.... Im weird.... :3....

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A/N: Okay here's Chapter Three!(: This might be a little short and off the topic a little, but I'm kinda running out of ideas... ): But like I have the real parts and points of the story, but some stuff are like missing in between you know what I mean? I need to take longer showers for deep thinking... LOL. Instead of getting to the main point of the story, I put a special guest in this chapter that's one of my favorite champs(:
I'll give you a hint: He's an adorable yordle.
So I'll stop talking and show you Chapter Three ~
Enjoy Pipsqueaks! <3 Love you guys :3


A Sorcerer's Reasons

Chapter 3: A Friend In Need

Veigar was the first to wake up. His eyes began to flutter open as soon as he felt the warmth of the rising sun bathed on his skin. He found himself resting on the soft bed of grass that appeared to be healthy and rich, though something was piled on top of the sorcerer. He wanted to stretch, but he wasn't able to take control over his arms. As he turned and discovered Lulu unconsciously wrapping herself around him, he couldn't help but have irritation run through his body. Veigar tensed with such uncomfortableness that he attempted to squirm himself out of this trapping position.

"Why am I not surprised that my metal spikes don't affect her?" He rolled his eyes and scowled of her behavior.

Veigar was willing to break free of this as he felt like he was terribly claustrophobic. While making an effort to jerk his arms back and forth, the sorceress's grasp on him grew tighter and tighter than before. It seemed that the more he squirmed, the harder she suffocated him. An unfavorable frown played itself across his face. He silently cursed under his breath as he was about to unfortunately lose his temper so early in the morning.

"Get. Off. Of. Me," Veigar aggressively growled through each word with grit teeth.

Lulu feebly opened her eyes in reaction to his sudden words of demand, finding herself squeezing him as if she were holding a teddy bear. Her eyesight did not clear up, until Veigar somehow got loose and roughly pushed her away with an annoyed attitude.

"Ouchie... that hurt, Pix..." Lulu groggily protested, speaking while she was half awake. She lazily flipped over on her other side and fell back asleep in her weary imagination.

As soon as the wizard found himself standing up, he brushed the dust off of his clothing and picked up his wand. He didn't even bother to fully wake up his comrade, not even the fae spirit, Pix. He wanted some quiet time alone for a little bit, especially since the outburst from yesterday afternoon struck him, and after Lulu's weirdness occurred moments ago. Veigar let out a sigh of defeat as he left the peak, conjecturing how ever, in any way did he get paired up with this girl? Yet within merely two days they were already starting to create a friendship. That was extremely rare for The Tiny Master of Evil, since all he cared about was himself.

She changed him. That was the main consideration that currently lingered in his mind. She changed him; so easily. All it took, it seemed, were words, emotions, actions, and much more that he would not understand.

"Don't mourn over unwanted feelings..." Her comfortment assumed to be supportive, at some point. A breeze decided to fly by and blew its aura in Veigar's face.

Why were her words always fumbled in his mind? Did they even mean anything to him?

He shook his head. I wanted to search for peace and quiet for mental rest, not to rethink her past statements He reminded himself.

The sun flashed through the leaves as its rays shone directly at the lake in front of Veigar, creating a beautiful sight. He suddenly looked up, gazing at the lake and forgetting his thoughts. Its waters shimmered in the sunlight, like witnessing twinkling stars covering the night sky in a role of a blanket.

"It's really pretty isn't it?" Veigar heard a cheerful tone behind him.

He pivoted around to find Lulu energetically skipping towards him. Her sleepy fatigue disappeared instantly, as if she woke up hours ago. Pix tagged along behind her in the same way while Veigar identified that all three of them had departed the grassy hill. The Fae Sorceress squeezed her hands behind her back and bounced on her tippy-toes for fun. Her free-spirited personality ticked in easily as the dark yordle had no response to her declaration. He dully stood there with a blank expression, suddenly spotting early birds drifting in the pool for a morning bath. Their chirps vocalized a song, a peaceful one. It described happiness, peace, and pleasant matters; much brilliance to Veigar's young days of discoveries. He suddenly lost track in his thoughts, pondering of his past times. He remembered his studies about Valoran and beyond while creating trading materials with his business partners. Oh, how he wished to start his life over again.

"Hey, are you okay?" Lulu placed her hand on his shoulder as Veigar found himself back into reality, "You kept muttering something about Valoran."

The male yordle blinked with confusion. Had he spoken his thoughts out loud?

"I'm fine." The magician slapped her hand off of him and glanced at her with repulsion.

The sorceress's body stiffened in reaction to his reflex, receiving the foul look from Veigar as her forehead creased with concern.

"You don't sound okay..."

He puckered his eyebrows with frustration. Veigar had to tell her what he was planning to do since last night, or else she would just be a bother to him towards his future. He figured their friendship should not matter anymore, and that his horrid confusions were all from Lulu's asking of a permanent favor. It was even included in a dream as well as an instinct. He felt darkness surrounding him during the inception. The cloud of evil saved his life and devoured the witch, relieving all of his pain. The darkness broke them apart and as a result, all that was left behind was freedom for Veigar. With his decision made, the sorcerer let his head down to the side with shame and maybe regret within his heart. After his head pounded with flashbacks he scarcely cared for, Veigar prompted himself that it was for his own dignity towards his soul. Pix folded his arms with a raised eyebrow, wondering what Veigar was pondering of.

Veigar scanned Lulu's profile with massive guilt held back, "I have decided that.. we should separate from here now, for good."

The Fae Sorceress's core enthusiasm instantly disappeared as she grimaced with nervous feeling suspended in her throat.

"Why do you assume that?" She simplified the length of her eyes with apprehension.

Veigar copied her actions in response to her question as he held a firmer grip onto his staff, "Honestly, I don't see what fair relationship we have. We fight constantly, then I put you in worry and danger with my negativity. I don't appreciate the way we go through. I feel that we should part because when I'm around you Lulu, I feel... weak." Hesitation was caught in his words as he eyed her carefully, "I'm not weak, I'm terribly evil. I may be selfish and killing, but I know it will be worth it once I know my true wish of my future. I long for the reality-like feeling of the darkness, not friendship. I don't deserve to be at your side, nor do I favor to."

Lulu's emerald eyes nearly held bitter tears as her grasp on her fists loosened due to her weak reaction. She could not believe her ears. Her heart shattered into pieces then felt as if they all dropped heavily onto her stomach. This isn't what she yearned for at all. Her desire was to save Veigar and morph him into someone good with a positive heart, specifically to rid his darkness and prevent his conquer of Valoran. She did modify him a little though, he at least had a heart to tell her the truth. Otherwise, he would just instantly abandon her during the fireworks display. She liked him as a great friend, as a part of her had lightened up after only hearing one word said through his tongue.

"You said my name..." She failed to smile with content as a finger wiped away her first tear. Her lips smushed together while it coldly trembled and she stealthily bit her tongue to rid her tears.

His eyes dropped dead as he managed to utter, realizing that she was right, "What?"


"That is not the point!" He rapidly shook his head with a hiss as he interrupted and threw his fist at his side, "There is no special reason for us to stay together! What's the point behind that? I don't even know you much."

Nothing peeped out of Lulu except for a sniffle. Tears trickled down her face one by one even though sobs were not perceived. Pix's eyes contained distress as he faced his attention at Lulu and levitated himself towards the dark magician. He pounded Veigar's head with a palm, letting it stay there as he used his telepathy ability. The sorcerer flinched as he released his fist and was about to overthrow the faerie until he spoke his first statement.

"You will regret your decision, heartless one." A high-pitched voice occurred in Veigar's mind as Pix narrowed his eyes with determination.

"You savage beast, I've had enough of you," the wizard snarled and whisked his wand in Pix's direction. His connection to his telepathy tore off as the fae spirit retreated with a dodge, finding Veigar revolving around and searching his way out of the forest.

Lulu fell on her knees with defeat as salty liquids of sorrow poured out of her eyes, "Veigar please don't do this..."

"I made my final choice, Fae Sorceress, you cannot change who I am," he replied as his head turned slightly back with Lulu appearing in the corner of his eye. Veigar took one last glance at her until he held a tighter clasp on his wand, leaving the devastated yordle crying by herself and spoke his last words before he vanished out of her sight.

"I'll hold on to those little memories I somewhat cherished and spare you just this once, under one condition," he shot her a glare, "Don't mourn over unwanted feelings, pitiful weakling."

He pivoted forward and continued his way ahead onto the dirt pathway, precipitously disappearing and was currently nowhere to be found. Veigar was gone.

"Pix!" Lulu blurted with a harshly cracked voice, "Why didn't you stop him? Please, bring him back!" She suddenly begged, wailing her lungs out with grief and failure. Lulu covered her face with both of her tiny hands as she regretted hollering her request, refusing to let Pix see her like this. Never in her life did the fae yordle lose a friend, as well as dumbly allow someone like Veigar to drain her positivity with sudden expectations of his.

Her faerie companion descended near her and shook his head with his bright eyes closed. He lightly touched her shoulder, "I'm afraid I cannot do that, what he has spoken is the truth. He is the Tiny Master of Evil himself, just like you are the Fae Sorceress. No one can possibly change that," the fae spirit calmly alleviated.

With one last sniff, the female witch had calmed down from her outbreak and opened a gap between her fingers, shifting her view to Pix, "You were the one who advised me to never give up. What will happen if he invades Bandle City or destroys the Glade?"

"I don't know," he hummed, "But I do know that you have to temporarily move on, and forget about him. I believe in one specific part of his speech that required him putting you in worry and in harm's way. I was wrong to tell him that he should regret for what he had done. For now that he has disappeared, I cannot do anything about it."

Lulu allowed her hands off her face as she looked down with deep wonders. Her face turned into a shade of red and purple after a condition of bursting into tears. She bit her lip in puzzlement. What if she never saw him again? Lulu didn't know what her next requirement was. She wanted help--wait no, she needed help. A smart being besides Pix was now popped inside Lulu's mind in the search for advice, but who? The witch simply came up with it; an area full of discoveries to where she would enjoy, plus the home of a boy she recognized who was known and hailed as a prodigy.

"Pix," Lulu urged herself to get upright at the thought of her idea and forcefully rubbed all of her leftover tears away, "We're going to Piltover."


Lulu rushingly bustled through shrubs and tree leaves as her feet quickened her pace each second. Pix braced himself at the force of the wind, squinting his eyes for its protection and clutching onto the sorceress's enormous headpiece. She abruptly stopped when she reached the edge of the Glade's territory, finding herself near the town square of Bandle City. The Fae Sorceress immediately ducked under a bush as she darted her eyes throughout the whole zone, searching for a specific yordle. It was nearly isolated at the town square fountain and benches where the shops and classic buildings were taking place. Not many citizens decided to visit the outside world. But unpopulated or not, she was not suppose to be detected, yet if she was, she would be finding herself hassled in an execution. Breaking her part of the deal for having to be expelled caused Lulu to be quite sneaky. Her quiet actions, similar to a cat, led her closer and closer to her destination of the yordle's location. He was found to be in his privacy while fiddling with his poison darts, carefully sticking them into his bamboo stick.

Seizing the opportunity she called out to him, "Psst! Hey, Teemo!" Lulu rasped across the clearing.

The Swift Scout shot his head up with paranoid feeling as if he had been caught for a crime. After calming down, he glanced over to his left with his ears lurched in reaction to where the sound arrived from. He then discovered Pix taunting his direction over to the shrub. Teemo suddenly beamed with excitement in reaction to seeing his familiar friend. He laid his equipment down on the dirt ground and waddled over to Lulu's hiding spot.

"What's up?" The scout adorably twitched his nose as soon as he spotted Lulu's appearance.

"Could I borrow your hot-air balloon?" She asked, "I wanna goto Piltover."

Teemo crossed his arms with a raised eyebrow, "Now why would you wanna go all the way over there? Ya off to an adventure again?" He smirked.

"Maybe," Lulu giggled, "Now hurry, if I need to go, I should be leaving now."

"Now hold on just a sec'," the toxic master held up his hands in front of the two associates to slow them down, "I almost forgot to tell ya. Ya have a summoner's battle coming up soon."

"Again?!" She pouted with a slouched back, "But I just had one a few days ago. Why didn't I know about this sooner?" She furrowed her eyebrows with hands on her hips.

"Sorry Lulu, I couldn't get the message to Pix. You were with somebody and I thought I would interfere," he frowned.

The witch widen her eyes at his reasons and grimaced, "You mean you were spying on me?"

"No, I didn't!" Teemo hastily responded as he protectively waved his hands in front of him, "I just heard two voices and I immediately left. One voice was screechy and I couldn't understand what he was saying, so good thing I didn't hear anything. Although I wasn't able to locate ya two the day after with my mushrooms, ya guys were totally off the chart."

Lulu mentally face-palmed herself as she attempted to create an excuse, "Uh, yeah hehe. I had some important matters to take care of.." Her mind drifted off to her incidents with Veigar.

The yordle suddenly grinned, "Okies! Hopefully ya finished because our match will start in a few minutes!" Teemo presented a salute, specially invented for the Scout's Code.

"Our?" Lulu curiously questioned.

"Yeah! Of course," he chimed and positively slapped the sorceress on the back, "Thankfully, we're both on the purple team."

"I see." Lulu winced and rubbed the spot where he brutally smacked her. She then placed a finger on her chin as she peered at the sky feeling ponderous.

"By any chances, do you happen to have a spare wooden staff in the shop?"

Teemo blinked with puzzlement and made a blank expression, "Yeah, Tristana does. What happened to your staff?"

The Fae Sorceress twirled her hair with her fingers as she mindlessly wandered her eyes around with guilt, "Um, I lost it on the way here. Just get me a new one before the match starts, okay?"

A look of ponder played itself across the Swift Scout's face as he nodded, "Okies."


The Fae Sorceress sighed.

Fatigue already took over her. She just wasn't in the mood to support this match, even if she was supporting one of her favorite attack damage carries; Teemo. It was incredibly rare for him to take over bottom lane, but since Riven demanded top lane and Viktor wanted to face Ahri, he had no choice but to take his position with Lulu. He had no problem with it though. Their opponents were easy. Sona and Vayne were constantly under level due to their prevention of farm from Teemo's poison, and Lulu would not stop casting Whimsy on the Maven of the Strings. The teammates did have to admit, they made a good pair when the duo were in combat.

First blood was finally drawn when Sona had to capitulate on her supporting skills, leading to Vayne's death. It seemed her mana consumption was too much and her timing for her summoner spell was incorrect. Her mistake was too obvious in Lulu's perspective. After an easy kill for himself, Teemo decided to port back to base to purchase some attack speed items. The Fae Sorceress nodded in agreement to his decision as she retreated to farm near her tower. She relaxed as she drew in a massive breath through her nose, sensing the familiar smell of backup minions. Lulu and Pix attacked simultaneously at the enemy minions, picking up quick creep kills and farming satisfying gold until Teemo finally returned to his lane.

The Swift Scout activated his quick speed as he zoomed over towards the river and placed a mushroom. He planted another one in a bush, suddenly sensing the enemy jungler nearby for a gank. The ward gave away Nocturne's hiding spot as he prowled in the tri-bush across Teemo and soon crawled swiftly in the focus of Lulu, where she pushed her minions too far.

With quick thinking, the yordle forcefully shot out a blinding dart at the Eternal Nightmare. Without noticing what had happened, Nocturne painfully winced after impact as he could not see with purple shrouds of poison clouded around him. After slicing the poison out of his way with his blades, he glanced over to the purple team champions, who were already escaping to their turret. With a scoff of a let down, Nocturne gave up his chance as he turned back to the tri-bush and returned to his jungle. Vayne, who had recently returned from her death, presented an icy glare at him with furiousness as she continued last hitting the purple-caped minions.

"Nice distraction there," Lulu piped up with a grin.

"Yeah, nice job pushing the minions too far," Teemo mocked with a smirk.

The female magician rolled her eyes at him as she began to recall back to base. Lulu then checked her minimap for a progress on her team's battle record.

So far so good She thought.

Their team was winning by six kills. It was a good start for a ranked match. Viktor had not died yet and had drained out two kills from Ahri. Riven died once, but picked up her comeback kill from Nocturne. Their Rammus managed to steal blue team's red buff twice, and succeeded all of his ganks at the top and middle lane with a few secured kills. Now he was on his way to the bottom lane.

Right when Lulu appeared at the fountain of her base, she promptly purchased Ionian boots and finished off Philosopher's Stone from her Faerie Charm. In addition to stock a few wards into her inventory, Lulu quickly set off at a faster rate with her new boots and a cast of Whimsy.

Teemo waited patiently for Rammus's arrival as his passive kicked in when the blue-caped minions reached their turret, leaving him in a stealth condition. Lulu was found right next to him as all three of the champions engaged into targeting Sona. The sorceress casted Whimsy on Teemo and a protective shield on the armadillo. The Maven of the Strings reacted quickly as she sent out her ultimate, forcing the trio to foolishly dance. Ahri appeared out of nowhere for a surprise gank, surrounding Spirit Rush on the three of her enemies in a form of a triangle. As soon as Crescendo wore off, Vayne tumbled in and stunned Lulu once more against the wall. Teemo, however, allowed Ahri to step in two of his toxic traps, giving him time for a simple kill with his Blinding Dart and minor auto attacks. Rammus set off Tremors surrounding the blue-haired female after bumping her roughly against the brush with Powerball. Vayne had no choice but to surrender and fall back with low health from Teemo's ultimate, leaving Sona and Ahri behind to their deaths. Picking up kills and sending the purple team's support two assists, they briefly celebrated with high fives and cheers.

"Nice work, we got over-powered minions to push the lane for us," Teemo laughed with delight as they all peered over to discover his correct observation.

Rammus nodded in agreement and exhaled with heavy breathing. The Armordillo signaled their team to crowd near Ebonmaw, the Terror of Xaun, assuming it was a good time to fight after the enemy team was temporarily down. Viktor detected the alert and rushed over to the rest of the team for the crave of extra gold. In Riven's point of view, she still had to hold off Galio and pick up a kill from him with the assist of the turret. After the dragon was defeated, the blue team soon surrendered easily with a vote of 4 to 1. Hearing the news to this from the announcer, both Teemo and Lulu cheered to their victory as they felt grand joy within their outstanding partnership of teamwork.

"Never underestimate the power of the Scout's Code!" Teemo exclaimed with a tongue stuck out.


"That was fun!" Lulu chirped with grand joy as she twirled with victorious emotions. Pix buzzed out a positive tune, bringing out the fun excitement of a winning ranked match. They returned back home in Bandle City, near the edge of the territory where the Glade's entrance would be at.

"It sure was." The scout yordle clumsily adjusted his goggles on his helmet with a chuckle.

It was soon to be night time, having the day go by so quickly. A crescent moon represented the sharp feeling of the night weather, breezing chilly winds and swaying the Glade's trees back and forth.

"I guess it's too late to ride the hot-air balloon at this time huh?" Lulu unsurely interrogated as she stabbed her staff into the plains as she marched.

"Yeah, I'm afraid ya gonna have to wait 'til tomorrow," Teemo replied with a pitiful frown, "It's too dangerous out there to drift off in the dark, I wouldn't give ya my permission to do that."

"Ah, it's alright. I'll just leave tomorrow morning then," Lulu happily smiled.

"So what is the rush to head over Piltover anyways?" The Swift Scout analytically asked.

"I just wanted to see a friend, and maybe explore his mines," Lulu giggled with pleasure as she gazed up at the night sky, visioning millions of stars that were shimmering like lights.

Teemo mimicked her actions and beamed at the sky, "Oh, I know who you're talking about," he snickered," As expected from a tiny, imaginative yordle like you."

Lulu sulked, "I'm not tiny, it's just our race. You're tiny too!" The Fae Sorceress complained and poked Teemo in the face with the head of her wand.

As he forced her staff out of his personal space, he chortled, "Like I always say, size doesn't mean everything," Teemo teased with a jubilant expression.


The three friends continued strolling down the pathway, ignoring the icy chill among the night forecast that whispered in the air. Pix's wings were immobilized from floating in the freezing area for a while. Teemo felt fine since he had fur thanks to his gender. Lulu, for which she did not bear fluffiness upon her skin, felt the same way as Pix did and uncontrollably shivered like a broken fridge. The moon seemed like it hailed the night weather, so the sorceress cursed at it below her breath and scowled to herself.

She brought her hands on the sides of her arms to bring heat to her body after she let out a massive sigh. Her eyes wandered around near the ground as she unexpectedly spotted something glistening in the corner of her eye. Lulu questioningly peered at the unknown object as she tipped her head slightly in curiosity. Few pieces of what looked like string or hair laid like useless trash on the pebbled dirt. But as Lulu approached the item closer and put her mind into deeper thought, familiarity smacked her like lightning as Veigar's appearance flashed in her mind so suddenly as an unforeseeable action.

"Everything okies?" Teemo proclaimed in a concern way as he used his bamboo stick to scratch the back of his head. He stared at the pieces of yarn that the Fae Sorceress was so interested in, and wondered why the info about it was so addicting to her.

In Lulu's perspective, these pieces of string were no ordinary materials. They were smooth strands of accessorizing parts to the tip of Veigar's wizard hat. It assumed that the magician was here moments ago, but how long has it been since he last step foot here? Where was he wandering off to? The witch carefully slid the strands under her fingers, not wanting to allow it to rip, and examined it within a short amount of time. With fragile care, she held it tightly in her hand as she curled up her fingers into a quivering fist. She was going to find him, hunt him down; search for the meaning of his abrupt departure. Lulu felt desperate after missing a friend and losing one for the first time in her life. She was not the type to make that many friends in Bandle City, since her extraordinary imagination led her to the creations of the whimsical forest. The sorceress snatched her weapon from her side before she coiled the indigo pieces of string around the wooden staff. Lulu vowed to herself that from this day on, she would uncover the true meaning to Veigar's intentions and bring back the friend she knew that was somewhere hidden inside his darkness. She would identify the sorcerer's reasons for such an excuse to trail himself away from his support, and his freedom away from pain. Why couldn't he understood that? With one last tug on the strands, Lulu planted her staff on the ground and glanced at it with satisfaction.

"Teemo, have the hot-air balloon ready by tomorrow please. I wish to arrive to my destination by evening then," Lulu requested and faced up high at the sky with great assurance.

The Swift Scout allowed a sweat drop to the ground as he wondered what exactly Lulu was thinking of after a few minutes, "Um, okies then. Meet me at the brink of Guardian's Sea at dawn. I'll set you off there I guess." He gave the witch a smile.

"Thanks, I really need to get to Piltover," the Fae Sorceress replied with gratitude as she put on a pleased look.

No matter what, I'm gonna get some knowledge out of him. Lulu said to herself.


A/N: Yep, thats it!(: Plz like, rate, comment? And remember I accept all criticizing reviews ~

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..Not sure if I commented yet. I have bad memory. But I do remember stories well; and I will say that this is a great fanfic I've read! Not many fanfics I've seen that are popular with yordles, but this has potential to be one. Keep up the good work- that forum title is also misleading.

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..Not sure if I commented yet. I have bad memory. But I do remember stories well; and I will say that this is a great fanfic I've read! Not many fanfics I've seen that are popular with yordles, but this has potential to be one. Keep up the good work- that forum title is also misleading.

Why thank you(: Haha, I love writing about yordles especially Veigar and Teemo. They are just absolutely adorable. Lulu is fun to write too, but knowing where this FanFic is going I hardly get to put in her taunting-like attitude. You know where she is like "Come on you, let's dance!" or "I can go for a twirl!" (spins around hat). But to have the chapters make sense I put her in a cheerful and a little bit sensitive to where she has lost a friend for the very first time, so yeah haha(:
Thanks for your enthusiasm towards my FanFic, hopefully you can follow until the end ^-^
And yeah I screwed up the title cause I never knew this One-Shot could turn into a Chapter-After-Chapter fiction.
Oh just a little Lulu tip when going mid lane with her; she counters Annie hard.

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Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson (Lyrics) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzvy4f7z6Q8) <--- I find that to be somewhat comparable to this FanFic. I think of it as the theme song ^_^ ~

Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson (Official Music Video) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5ArpRWcGe0)


A Sorcerer's Reasons - Sequel CH4

Piltover - The City of Progress (Part 1/2)

Sunlight flashed through the shady layers of leaves and left a warm blanket of heat onto Lulu's unconscious body. She was found to be laying on the roots of a tree, half drooling and muttering in her sleep. Her stomach rose and fell in a pattern-like rhythm as her nose inhaled oxygen to breathe. Pix laid fast asleep on the rim of the sorceress's pointy hat, originating a high-pitched snore just suitable for a miniature faerie. The spirit twitched his ears in sudden reaction to the passing breeze while his wings vibrated to relax his body. His head snuggled deeper into his twiggy arms as a tall shadow loomed over his figure. Neither Pix or Lulu perceived that Teemo, The Swift Scout, was standing above the two, hesitant on waking up his friend. After seeing her innocent face cuddled against her shoulders, he slanted the shape of his lips with an awkward expression. The scout used his equipped dart shooter to scratch behind his furry head, pondering if he should interrupt Lulu's slumberous condition. He started to repeatedly poke Lulu with his bamboo stick as a conclusion to his mental question.

"Hey," Teemo hushed, "Wake up ya sleepy head."

The harmless stick of bamboo squished the witch's cheek as he chuckled on how silly she appeared to be. Teemo forced his item deeper into her skin and rotated it, and her eyes began to wince of irritation.

"Stop that.... Pix," Lulu murmured and puckered her eyebrows. Teemo prodded his bamboo stick around her skin as he snickered one last time and retracted his weapon.

Pix lazily expanded one eye open in response to Lulu's pout and feebly shifted his vision around in his drowsy circumstance. Taking one last look at the Swift Scout's appearance, he moderately dropped his eyelid and drifted back into his previous inception, thinking that yesterday's incidents included him in his sleep.

"Come on, ya lazy witch! Wakey, wakey!" Teemo raised his tone to persuade her conscious to return to reality, and began chortling again.

"Ya don't wanna miss your ride to Piltover, do ya?" The male yordle placed his tiny hand on his hip, while his other hand started poking Lulu's stomach with his dart shooter once more. Teemo then examined her actions closely to find any sign that she was awake.

As soon as his words were sent into her nerves, Lulu's eyes jolted open after taking in the knowledge of his statement. She had totally forgotten about her booked trip to her desired destination, and her mind was swarming with objectives to complete. But she felt exhausted, after hours of failed attempts to fall asleep last night. Her eyes had finally closed and her mind was at ease when Pix had hummed a brief lullaby near Lulu's ear.

Lulu dragged herself upright as soon as a flash of the black and blue wizard popped in her head. In reaction, she propped her forehead onto her tiny hand with deliberation and gloomily looked up at Teemo, who was waiting patiently for his associate to follow him.

"I feel so tired..." Lulu weakly stated, struggling to keep her eyes open.

"Ah, don't worry Lulu. Ya'll have this excited feeling once ya see the awesome view of Valoran from the balloon ride!" Teemo chirped.

Lulu climbed herself out of her sleeping position and stood up straight, discovering Pix barely stretching by her side. Lulu mimicked his actions and forced her arms up to the sky and let out a massive yawn. A few moments after the Fae Sorceress finished her morning warm-up, Teemo led her to Bandle City's border since her leftover exhaustion had her conscious lacking sense of direction. Lulu stabbed her staff into the ground and jerked it forwards as she walked, considering that it would support her weight as her body was moving.

Lulu blinked moderately to keep herself alive, regretting the fact that she had stayed up all night unable to sleep, and fumbling with Veigar's hat strings on her staff. The witch repeatedly denied the fact that she was constantly rethinking the possibilities of his consequences, but she did have to admit, she missed him. Veigar's complaints were fainting in her brain, and Lulu remembered those rare hugs she presented him when she had the chance to. But those fireworks, oh she didn't even wanted to get started with that. It was marvelous and extraordinarily amazing, especially having the company of the Tiny Master Of Evil with her. Lulu longed for more friendship moments with him, and she understood that her goal of ridding his pain came so close, yet so far. She did not know absolutely what to do. That's when her journey to Piltover came into thought. Lulu thought that maybe exploring the area and visiting an old friend, also known as a prodigy, would assist her mind in clearing things up. Maybe those activities would give her ideas of how to search for him as well.

"Ya doing okay back there? We're almost there now," Teemo declared and extracted his telescope. One eye squeezed shut while the other one peeked through the scope of the item.

"Yep, I'm fine," Lulu replied with a grin, marching to the beat of her steps with her staff creating small holes in the pebbled dirt.

The Swift Scout nodded with approval, and continued waddling as he began to start a conversation with the Fae Sorceress.

"So, did ya see the fireworks a few nights ago?" Teemo took his vision off of his sight tool and glanced at Lulu as he kept moving.

Lulu blinked at a faster rate with puzzlement at the thought of the fireworks display with Veigar. She halted in her steps for a few seconds on what to say, then continued strolling.

"Er... yeah. Yes, I did in fact." Hesitation was caught in her throat.

Pondering on the facts that Veigar had done some harmful crimes to Bandle City, she sure wasn't in hell going to chat with Teemo about his enemy.

"Y'know, the town seniors had the idea of putting them up!" The Swift Scout proclaimed with exhilaration, "There was a wedding between two young yordles. It turned out to be the elders' children! But not the siblings, of course."

Lulu's ears lurched with interest, "I'm listening, continue please."

"Well, rumor was that if there were fireworks occurred during a wedding, two young yordles at a different gender spectating it would fall in love with each other no matter what the case was! That's why the fireworks were mainly red, if ya noticed." A smile played itself across Teemo's face and he pivoted his direction towards Lulu. From his position, he started pacing backwards and fiddling with his telescope. Though the scout realized that Lulu's facial expression immediately changed after what he had stated. Her face was abnormally flushed red, and her fingers began trembling against her staff, making her walk clumsily.

"Hey, what'sa matter? Your face is all pinkish," the male yordle inquired and wrinkled his nose.

"Are you certain that's a real story?" Lulu allowed a sweat to drop and made an effort to conceal her redness. Her side lip began shaking with anxiousness, failing her fake smile and carrying a heavy thought about her and Veigar spectating the fireworks display that night. Lulu had shown affection towards him as well....

"Oh, are ya worried about that?" Teemo chuckled as he covered his mouth with his tiny green glove from uncontrollable laughter, "I don't know if you were with somebody at that time, but I do know it's a myth. Then again, ya never know. The clever seniors had claimed it was a true story ~ "

"Er.. r-right," Lulu stammered and shifted her eyes to the side, trying not to make things obvious.


"...and the map of Valoran is over here, in case ya get lost or ya wanna chart some areas. And don't forget, I don't prepare any food in here, so ya gonna have to eat right away when ya land. Contact me when ya get to his building so I know ya are fine," Teemo listed the preparations and rules for his hot-air balloon for the second time, as he eyed Lulu for any concern towards his instructions, "Do ya want me to repeat that again?"

After mentally counting her fingers and muttering to herself, Lulu peered at Teemo and chuckled with a drop of sweat, "Yeah, I can manage it." She goofily scratched the back of her head.

The Swift Scout folded his arms and puckered his eyebrows, "If ya harm my ride, ya gonna have to pay for it's damages okies?"

Lulu giggled at his expression and waved good-bye at Teemo as she untied the rope that secured the carriage, "I know, I know, I promise! I'll be sure to put on my thinking cap if I don't know what to do!"

Teemo laughed and mimicked her previous actions as the hot-air balloon began to rise higher into the clouds. He waved farewell to her associate, especially hoping that she wouldn't get herself into a clumsy accident. He shrugged it off and watched Lulu take off to the direction of Guardian's Sea.

The hot-air balloon started to float above the ocean and Teemo's figure shrunk smaller in the Fae Sorceress's perspective. After her sight was unable to detect him, Lulu swung her body off of the edge of the carriage and landed on her bottom. Impact hit her leg when Lulu teetered over, and minor agony occurred.

"Ouch, that hurt..." she winced and rubbed her thigh.

Meanwhile, Pix pulled out Valoran's map from the bag on the ground and carefully unrolled the parchment. He placed it by his side and examined the point of their destination. The faerie marked an 'X' on Piltover with a pencil, and started to draw dotted lines towards southeast until he reached Guardian's Sea. After she was healed from her small collapse, Lulu peered over the faerie's side and blinked curiously at his works of mapping. He began to demand her attention, and gestured her his idea of the shortcut towards Piltover on the chart. It assumed to Lulu that Pix had scribbled lines over Noxus and Zaun, and Noxus was what worried Lulu the most.

"Are you sure we should pass by Noxus? It seems dangerous. We could just float over the sea near Bligewater and Ionia then go around Zaun," Lulu protested.

Pix nodded slowly in agreement and placed his finger on his chin in deep thought. He proclaimed that it would work, but it would take longer to reach there in Lulu's desired time.

"Here." The Fae Sorceress snatched the pencil out of Pix's other hand and suggested, "We can do this."

Lulu erased Pix's work and wiped the eraser bits away. She stuck her tongue over her upper lip and narrowed her eyes with concentration. Lulu then sketched lines through Guardian's Sea through the mountains that was to the north of Noxus.

Her tongue returned into her mouth as she put down her writing implement, picked up the map, presented it in Pix's view, and showed him her main points of their journey, "We can go around Noxus above Guardian's Sea and go through this little path here above Ironspike Mountains. From there, we can easily get to Piltover and pass by Zaun without receiving trouble from them or Noxus." She beamed as a proud conclusion to her idea.

Pix chirped with a smile showing that he agreed with her concept. Then he started to fly near the corner of the carriage and took a gander at the villages of Valoran. The hot-air balloon was almost face-to-face with Noxus-- above the sea of course-- as Lulu used her magic to guide the balloon towards her direction from the map.


Lulu laid fast asleep in the carriage with small snores flying out of her mouth. Pix cuddled on her hat in a position of how a dog would sleep, and moderately swayed his wings back and forth. A sudden breeze knocked the balloon abrupt, and caused Lulu's slumberous condition to wake up. She blinked at a normal rate to keep her eyes open, and tried another way by rubbing her eyes. The Fae Sorceress scanned her surroundings and all she peered was the tan color of the balloon carriage. She stood upright, dropping Pix near the floor and poorly waking him up with a startle. He rapidly fluttered his wings as his conscious reacted quickly, hovering over his ground and shooting an upset glare at Lulu.

Finding their day to switch to evening, the sunset's rays gave off their location above Ironspike Mountains and was barely reaching Piltover. Lulu placed her hands on the rim of the carriage and feasted her eyes on the beautiful view of the sunset. Her eyes moderately blinked with a wide smile and Lulu propped her head on her hand. The other hand rested on the edge of the hot-air balloon as Pix grumblingly folded his hands at Lulu's back then looked down at the view of the mountains. The speed of the hot-air balloon actually went by pretty quickly. In a blink of an eye, they were already at the border of the city. The speeding cause was probably Lulu's Whimsy on the balloon, and it's normal speed that Teemo adjusted during his free time. Her stomach growled, and Lulu remembered Teemo's quote that he didn't keep food on the ride. She would have to eat supper at Piltover as soon as she landed.

As soon as the hot-air balloon arrived above the sea that carried sailboats, Lulu shot her eyes wide with such unexpected feeling from Piltover's appearance. Sure, she had been here before, but only once. During her absence, it changed at a great difference, and Lulu could not wait to receive the exploring tour of the town from the prodigy. She could not even imagine the amazing feature of the town owning a mine. Pix opened his jaw in awe as well and stared at the main skyscraper in the middle of the city. The rivers had expanded with white bridges over them. The tallest skyscraper that Lulu had ever seen was also white and was at the same levitation as the hot-air balloon. The sailboats at the sea had new designs, and they were much more beautiful than before. It was elegant, and definitely described Piltover's scientific definition of discovery. Their new docks were invented and was a perfect landing area for Lulu's borrowed hot-air balloon. Surely the citizens of the City of Progress would allow her to stay, she thought. Fountains were scattered everywhere in the corner of each house, and Lulu could scarcely spy tiny citizens chatting and smiling with greets.

The Fae Sorceress closed her eyes and let out a massive sigh. Veigar, The Master Of Evil repeatedly flashed through her mind. Lulu had to find him, and she was desperate to search for his truth. She refused to let out a single tear, a tear that was all the reasons of her care towards his betrayal. The witch longed for help, and she knew she would grasp that in her hands now that she was at the City of Progress-- the home of the scientific geniuses.

Lulu steered the balloon to descend at the docks as she received permission from the guy who was in charge of the zone. She requested him to have the items in the carriage be secured, and that nothing harmful would happen to it. The guy nodded in a state knowing that he understood, and Lulu smiled at him with gratitude.

"Thank you, sir," she politely dipped her head and tipped him some leftover coins from Bandle City.

The man refused to take her money, "Kind yordles like you are always welcome, my friend. No need to owe payment."

He returned the coins, "You will need this money for food and a place to stay, am I correct?" The man considered.

Lulu tilted her head with concern as she thought about his remark. She nodded with agreement and accepted the refund from him, "Why yes I maybe will. Thank you for your cooperation."

She gave him thanks and took off with Pix, her staff in her left hand as she marched with a trail of small holes behind her. The first area she began to search was the town square. It was a large place, in fact. But it would take forever to find her friend in this circumstance, especially since hundreds of citizens crowded around the fountains. Lulu decided that she would start her search at the Piltover's Sheriff Department.

On her way, many people either greeted her, or declared that she was always welcome here. Their relationship with Bandle City was quite well and Lulu was thankful for that. Pix guided her friend at the foot of the steps of the porch that belonged to the Sheriff's Department. The faerie's sense of direction, Lulu thought, was actually not that bad.

With hesitation on thinking that she would interrupt the sheriff's business, the purple-haired witch pushed the wooden door open and immediately darted her eyes around the building. To her surprise, no one was around. Lulu released her hand on the door, suddenly perceiving a suspicious ring of a bell above her. She looked up, discovering a small bell that was suppose to signal the sheriff if anyone was entering her department. Seeing no one to be in her presence, Lulu walked over to the desk with two chairs in front of it. She decided to sit on one of them, then she looked around and described her surroundings. The desk was messy; scattered files and a broken lamp. A grandfather clock across Lulu continuously ticked in a rhythmic pattern. A painting of Piltover was framed on the wall next to the hallway, and Lulu admired the statue that was discovered and signed by Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer.

Lulu got up from her seat and slowly paced over to the statue. From up close, she could see a still woman with silk cloth covering her body, and tears were carved in her face. Just as Lulu was about to touch it out of curiosity, the sound of a woman loudly clearing her throat demanded her attention. Lulu promptly jerked back her hand and pivoted around to find Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, crossing her arms and leaning on the wall on the side of the hallway.

"I heard a ring?" Caitlyn referred to the bell on the door and glanced at Lulu's appearance from her head to her toes, "What is your business here, Fae Sorceress?"

She released her arms and walked over to the yordle as the sheriff talked with an old-fashioned accent, giving Lulu an inquiring look. Lulu gave her an awed look in return of her reaction to Caitlyn's knowledge of her identity so swiftly. She examined Caitlyn's appearance and found her to be wearing her Sheriff outfit. The golden star on her vest gleamed brightly and brought out the boldness of Caitlyn's bravery. Her shorts were very short and exposed most of her slim thighs. Her boots made a pounding noise against the wooden floor as she stepped and the Sheriff of Piltover raised an eyebrow at Lulu.

"Are you just going to stand there looking like a fool or are you going to answer my question?" She declared with a frown and placed a hand on her hip.

Lulu snapped back into reality, "Oh, excuse me, my apologizes. I'm here for some information, Miss Caitlyn." She tried to be as polite as she could.

Caitlyn unexpectedly smirked at her positive attitude and knelt down at her level.

She patted Lulu's head with satisfaction, "Proud of your manners, child. What information do you need? I'd be glad to help."

"Um, I thank you for your compliment. But I'm in the need for the location of the Prodigal Explorer, do you have any idea where he is?" Lulu asked and cocked her head slightly.

Caitlyn stood up and smeared off her smirk, "You mean Ezreal? I'm not certain, although I last heard that he was in the mines. I don't know myself, but you ought to ask Heimerdinger in person. All I can inform you, Fae Sorceress." She glanced at the grandfather clock with desire for the time.

Lulu bit her lip with disappointment, carrying empty knowledge of Ezreal's whereabouts, "Then would you happen to know where he is?"

The Sheriff took her eyes off of her clock and faced Lulu, "Heimerdinger? Well that I know of. He is at Piltover Customs, like always."

The Fae Sorceress nodded and thanked Caitlyn with a dipped head. She was about to exit the building with Pix until Caitlyn halted her in her footsteps.

"I forgot to remind you. If anyone gives you trouble-- or to be specific-- does not allow you permission to enter the mines, Piltover Customs, or the Academy, you can tell them that the Sheriff of Piltover gave you the access to." Caitlyn gifted her a wink, "Anyone from Bandle City is always welcome here, especially the curious ones."

Lulu beamed in return and knew it was safe to act silly, "Thank you, I'll be sure to remember that."

She pushed the door and left the department along with the faerie, and the witch heard the bell ring once again on her way out. Lulu peered both ways of the horizontal path before stepping off the porch and finding the zone to be quite remote. Not many people were near the Sheriff's Department, comparing to the amount of people from before. Lulu predicted that everyone went off to the inn especially for their extraordinary restaurant. She had only been there once, and had favored their appetizers. Discovering signs with arrows that were stamped with Piltover Customs logos, she was easily lead to the garage that carried the original logo that was in a bigger size. It stood over the garage with peeling paint and worn out wood. The sign practically looked like cardboard. Lulu took in a deep breath, detecting the smell of burned metal and lurched her ears in reaction to the sudden noises. Engines that failed to worked were perceived by Lulu as well as words of cursing and she winced her eye with a shocking nerve sent down her spine. She peeked in the room from the edge of the building to check on what had occurred. Lulu shifted her eyes from Heimerdinger in his Piltover Customs uniform to Corki, who was smashing a worthless piece of an engine on the tile floor.

"Them engines, dang it. We'll never get this junk to work if ya keep screwin' it!" Corki exclaimed.

"Well, my apologizes Corki. I am not familiar to this piece of work that Ezreal kindly sent in," Heimerdinger protested.

Lulu's instincts perked up at Ezreal's name, and she placed her hand off of the wall as she stood up straight right between the pair. Not wanting to interrupt so loudly, she cleared her throat and lightly knocked the side of the wall with her staff, receiving attention from Corki and Heimerdinger.

"Ah, Lulu, and Pix! Excuse us here, we're just slacking off and experimenting with machines." Heimerdinger nodded rapidly to his excuse and spoke with stammers, "What brings you here to Piltover Customs?"

Pix hummed with delight after hearing his voice again and Lulu laughed in reaction to his bluff.

"How's Bandle City?" He inquired as he cleaned up his wrench.

"Well, considering that I'm banned from there, I don't really know myself, Heimer." Lulu slanted her lip and planted a hand on her hip. She supported her body against her staff and eyed Corki with a welcoming nod. Her focus returned to Heimerdinger as he continued speaking.

"As long as that dastardly Veigar doesn't go by and start crime, then Bandle City should be alright!" The Revered Inventor declared with even more stutters.

Lulu widen her eyes at his comment, and immediately looked to the side with grief as her hand began drifting off behind her neck. Pix noticed this and elbowed her shoulder to remind her not to worry about the sorcerer's departure, and especially not to make things obvious. Lulu quietly hushed him stubbornly signing that she understood and quickly released her weight on her staff. Corki noticed something suspicious and decided to question her. He shoved his tools away from repairing his vehicle and wiped his hand with a rag.

"Is something wrong? Ya looked pretty upset after what Mr. Wackojob here said." He jerked a thumb at Heimerdinger and furrowed his eyebrows. Corki's goggles flashed abnormal light in her face as Lulu shielded her vision with the shadow of her hand.

"Look, sorry Heimer. I'm not here to visit. I'm looking for Ezreal. Have you seen him?" Lulu ignored Corki's remark after taking her hand off of her face and suddenly requested for her friend's location.

"Why, he just left the place. If you want to visit him, then you should go to the inn. He stated that he was going to take a break at the restaurant."

"Thanks, that's all the information I need," Lulu proclaimed and waved a hand before she turned around and departed. Pix fluttered his wings at a quicker rate as he took a glance at Heimerdinger and Corki one last time. He smiled and waved properly and drifted off near Lulu's shoulder.

The Daring Bombardier raised an eyebrow at the duo and faced Heimerdinger with a suspecting expression, "She bears an unusual secret, Revered Inventor. I can't put out of what her intentions are."

"Ah, don't worry about her, my friend. She is a curious one indeed," Heimerdinger reassured and returned to his work, "The Fae Sorceress will have many adventures waiting for her in the future."

"Hmph, if ya say so." Corki snatch the inventor's wrench and began to twist a screw.


The Fae Sorceress arrived at the inn longer than she expected. It was night time, and it proved to Lulu of how long it took to find a certain person for major information. The crescent moon in the sky was barely exposing itself, while the clouds moderately floated and prevented the moon's full appearance. She stood in front of the inn with a hand placed on the wooden door, hesitant on barging inside. Lulu knew for a fact that hundreds of people would be grouped inside, since she already heard noise from outside and that there was a popular restaurant on the first floor. She apprehended herself that it would cause her no trouble, because not every single person inside was going to focus their attention on one customer. Lulu allowed herself a sigh and pushed the door open.

Several people inside had looked over at her with a welcoming smile, but more than half of the people did not care over one tiny yordle's arrival. It was dim inside, a dark building that represented the opposite of Piltover's outside exposure. Citizens sat at bars and chatted friendly to others, drinking liquid that was unfamiliar to Lulu. A whole group of people were dining at tables, and it seemed there wasn't a single path to walk through to get to a certain area. Letting go of the door behind her, Lulu allowed Pix to scan the whole area with his keen vision. He easily spotted a blonde boy eating a simple bowl of salad at an empty table. He had equipped goggles on the top of his head, his white scarf was neatly stuffed around his neck, and he wore a dark green shirt covered by a brown explorer jacket. A glove worn on his left hand had a glowing blue circle in the middle, and it easily gave away his identity to Lulu. It was no doubt, she thought, it was definitely him.

A smirk played itself across Lulu's face, and she desperately squeezed through the crowd as quickly as she could before Ezreal would finish his food and set off. After sliding behind one last chair, Lulu rapidly paced to his desk and slapped a hand on his table to catch his attention as she heavily panted. She abruptly beamed with exhilaration and looked below his face to see if she trapped his sight. Ezreal was about to stick a forkful of lettuce in his mouth just before the sorceress slammed the table. Now he just stupidly sat there blinking at her and hysterically froze in the middle of his action of devouring his vegetables. He released his grip on his fork and placed it back in his bowl with his mouth closed. Ezreal then chuckled and wiped off a mouthful of ranch sauce with a cloth napkin before he glanced at his old friend.

"Hey there, Pipsqueak. Long time no see!" He leaned his elbow on the table and presented her an excited grin, "You made quite the appearance there. I haven't seen you since last week's match. How've you been?"

Lulu angled her lips with confusion and helped herself to the chair across the Prodigal Explorer. After scooting herself in along with the wooden chair, she mimicked Ezreal's actions and propped her face on her hand as well.

"Actually I need help. Professional help," she frowned and glanced at the boy's unfinished salad. Lulu gulped and resisted to urge to eat his food, her stomach roaring for something to digest as she shifted her sight back to Ezreal.

The Prodigal Explorer laughed and prodded his plate closer to Lulu, "You must be starving. It's a long way from Bandle City without food, help yourself."

"Thanks," Lulu weakly smiled before she swiped his fork and gobbled up the whole thing like a maniac.

As the yordle ate to her heart's content, Ezreal retreated his smile and lowered his volume as he ducked his head in, "So is it an emergency-like help, like really important?"

Lulu lifted her head up, revealing a stain full of ranch on her mouth and shrugged, "It might be to me, but not to you."

"Kid, your problem is my problem. Why don't we take this somewhere else, like a word in private?" Ezreal suggested with a smirk.

"I don't think that is necessary, but if it makes you feel any better then fine." The Fae Sorceress responded and started to conceal her face in his plastic bowl again.

The blonde adjusted himself upright and left a couple of coins on the table. Ezreal yanked the witch off of her seat as she frantically reached out for the salad with a cry. He abandoned his leftover food for the waitress to clean up and dragged the starving Lulu towards the exit of the diner.

"We'll take this to my house. Why don't you tell me more on the way, Pipsqueak?" Ezreal proclaimed without looking back at the tortured girl.

"But-but! My food!" Lulu hollered and wailed for her treat.

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A Sorcerer's Reasons - Sequel CH4

Piltover- The City of Progress (Part 2/2)

The three companions found themselves on the empty road of the street as the inn's noisy chattering grew fainter the farther the two of them walked away. Crickets rubbed their wings together, causing a loud chirping noise that both Lulu and Ezreal could hear. As they walked, Lulu tugged on Ezreal's sleeve as if it were a daughter-and-father stroll while the witch began her personal story. At the same time, she continued nibbling onto her cookie that Ezreal had gifted her in return for the yordle to shut up. Lulu's description of her problem started with her and Veigar's first meetings and duels, all the way to his sudden decision of departure, and that her extremely rare sensitivity and tears were all because of him. Lulu longed to search for his whereabouts, but she did not know where to start, which is why she came to Piltover for assistance.

Ezreal nodded his head once in a while during her explanation to show that he was comprehending until silence occurred between the two. It was perfect timing as well. By the time Lulu had finished her talk, the Prodigal Explorer was already at his house door fumbling with his keys. He thrusted a key through the lock and easily opened the door. Ezreal slipped the key away in his back pocket and gestured Lulu into his welcoming home.

It was cozy inside, a built in heater with a comfortable view of the living room. The Prodigal Explorer threw his bag of tools into the table and dropped his body onto the couch with a questioning look at Lulu. Lulu followed the destination of where the bag landed and found hundreds of messy papers, maps, and tools helplessly laying on the table.

"You were saying?" Ezreal grabbed a pouch of treats from the wooden table and popped a piece of candy in his mouth.

"Well, I was finished, if you noticed." Lulu timidly placed a hand on her opposite arm, darting her eyes around and examining her friend's home. She stood there as if she just entered a stranger's house and looked to Ezreal with eyes of wanted assistance.

"Oh, have a seat. Pardon my manners," he allowed with a smile and waved a hand towrd

The blonde boy swallowed his candy and placed the pouch back onto the table. He rested his ankle on top of his other leg's knee and planted his hands on his stomach, giving his full attention to the Fae Sorceress. Lulu plopped onto the chair behind her and snuggled her back against the cushion. She relaxed as she closed her eyes with a drawn breath and reopened them.

"To be quite honest, I think your recent explanation was ridiculous," Ezreal shrugged with a raised eyebrow.

"What? How is it stupid?" Lulu tensed and shot him an alarmed glare.

The boy raised his hands with an innocent hint in his eyes, "I didn't say it was stupid, I said it was ridiculous."

Lulu rolled her eyes and glared at him again, "How is it ridiculous? I practically went through a whole lot of **** just for him." She then stared at her hands with soft eyes and expressed a look full of guilt.

"Thats exactly what I'm talking about, you get all worked up over one yordle who cares about nothing but himself. You ought to be careful in making friends, they can easily steal your trust," Ezreal explained as he lowered his hands.

"But I did nearly everything for him back in the forest, and he did pay me back a little. He participated in this event with me-- the only thing he paid back for that I cherished-- and I don't wanna erase that moment from my heart," Lulu remarked and shifted her view to the antique lamp at her side as she referred to the fireworks from the wedding.

"So... you loved him," Ezreal guessed.

A flush of complete redness washed over Lulu's face after she spoke with a hint of menace at him and a look of repulsion, "N-no! I just thought of him as a true friend, that's all! I..."

Lulu's voice escaped her lips, running out of words to say.

"You don't have to deny it, Lulu. It could be love-"

"What do you even know about the first thing of love? It's not like you have ever felt it about somebody special to you!" The witch's voice raised to a louder tone with a feeling of panic suspended in her throat.

"Hey, that's personal." He pointed a finger at her and lectured as if he was teaching a lesson to a kindergardener.

"What I'm saying is just my honest opinion. You don't have to follow it just because I'm a prodigy."


"It's getting late now, and we have a match to start. Let's talk about this some other time, alright?" The Prodigal Explorer interrupted her statement and tapped on his watch.

Lulu stood out of her chair in the urge to declare her secondary explanation, "What do you mean by we?"

"I mean, you're on the same team as me, so you'd better be prepared." Ezreal copied Lulu's recent actions and stood upright as well. He grabbed a small piece of leather from the table and wrapped it tightly around his glove as he activated his power from the hand accessory. The boy secured it at it's satisfying level and the blue circle on his glove began to glow brighter.

"That should do it..." He faced Lulu with a smile and offered a hand, "You ready, Pipsqueak?"

With thousands of questions swimming in her head and meaning to ask him, she mindlessly accepted his hand with such confusion and held a tighter grip onto her staff. She gazed at Veigar's strings tied around her wand, and hoped with all of her life that she would end this unexpected match soon and begin the search for her long-lost friend. A bright aura unforeseeably surrounded them as Lulu appreciated that Summoner's Rift was calling them, a calling that she suddenly felt that was a shout of battle between blood, rivalry, and death.


Fin of Chapter 4.

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Silver Satos



Is there anyway to keep tabs or subscribe to threads on the LoL forums? I don't visit the LoL wbsite too often to be honest.

I absolutely adore Lulu & I love your story thus far, I really look forward to more chapters!

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Silver Satos:
Is there anyway to keep tabs or subscribe to threads on the LoL forums? I don't visit the LoL wbsite too often to be honest.

To be quite honest, I don't quite know myself. I'm kinda new to the forums myself you see haha(:

But getting used to the forum's foundations and its ways of posting new threads, I'd say that they probably don't have any subscription buttons or having a way to keep track of FanFics. Hope that helped a little?

I thank you for your compliment, that means a lot ^_^" Happy reading to you Satos ~

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OMG your an amzing writer, this story is beast! I'm definatly gonna keep checking for more.
I wrote a bit of fanfic myself, not very successful I must admit, not a very good writer. You are very talented, and I do admire your work.
Please keep it up! GOGOGO

:P Wiz :P