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[A Sorcerer's Reasons] Light-hearted Lulu x Veigar One-Shot!

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the story so far is great, cant wait fer more

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i need more.

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i need more.

Oi what is this? I don't even...
So demanding!! xD
Don't worry, I'll post up Chapter 2 soon... just please don't haunt me with Nocturne's nightmare ><"

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Oi what is this? I don't even...
So demanding!! xD
Don't worry, I'll post up Chapter 2 soon... just please don't haunt me with Nocturne's nightmare ><"

Oh, we will send Noct after you. C:< No threats. Just promises!

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Oh, we will send Noct after you. C:< No threats. Just promises!

I refuse to be haunted in my sleep!
Luxanna, use Finales Funkeln! xD (I think I spelled that right lmao)
I am coicendentially working on Chapter 2 actually, I am 1/3 of the way done! o___o
Now I shall drag myself away from this distraction and keep writing ~
Thank yous for the enthusiasm and for reading my le FanFiction, it makes muah happy(:

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I am 1/3 of the way done! o___o
Now I shall drag myself away from this distraction and keep writing ~
Thank yous for the enthusiasm and for reading my le FanFiction, it makes muah happy(:


I check this thread daily, if not hourly.

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lots of grammatical errors but otherwise an enjoyable read.

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Yay, here is chapter two? (:
So, I have a few issues to talk about. I've been traveling through different cities since it's summer vacation, yada, yada, yada. I've been having to bring my iPod to the area countless times to write it and it's really bugging me. So because of the delay schedule of my uploading times, I've been rushing through this recklessly though I have edited this the best I could.
The following may have a few things:
Dramatic encounters of Veigar's confusion.
A bit of over-fluff
A tiny bit out of character. (Veigar's extreme evilness, but his bitter attitude is still there)

I tried the best I could out of this chapter, so here you have it.
Enjoy ~


A Sorcerer's Reasons - Sequel

Chapter 2: A Change For A Liking

"Fae yordle, would you please kindly slow down and let go of me?!" Veigar growled in frustration, feeling that his hand was going to fall off any moment now. His comrade had dragged him through the forest for countless hours, not to mention his extreme debilitation from his injuries. He thought that either Lulu was astray, or the destination they were heading to was much farther away than he expected. At this rate, the tiny master assumed he was going to die of fatigue. The sorceress was strong, very likely from the last fights, and her grasp on his arm made it feel like blood wasn't flowing through properly.

How does she even have this much energy after such a brutal fight? Veigar thought.

Lulu's ear perked at the sound of his recent words and right away halted in her footsteps. She released her grip on her friend's smushed wrist and turned all the way around to face her associate. Veigar comprehended Lulu's atmosphere parting away from him, while he sensed her silence wondering if she was still nearby. But as he perceived her respiring close to him, he knew she was waiting for something to come by. He pondered of why she had stopped, and why she would not peep a sound.

"What?" The magician questioned, breaking the sudden silence.

"I have a name you know, it's not Fae Yordle," Lulu remarked, "It's Lulu."

While the fae sorceress took a few steps closer to Veigar, she gently examined his unsighted eyes as she discovered dry blood still stained on his skin. Her finger lightly made contact to the scrape, finding blood smeared on her fingertip. In reaction, the wizard flinched with unforeseen action and minor pain.

"Stop that, don't touch me!" Veigar exclaimed and slapped Lulu's hand out of his way.

Ignoring all of his comments and reflexes, Lulu interrogated in a soft voice, "Can you see me?"

"No, my blindness may be permanent thanks to your partner," he hastily replied with a stubborn attitude, trying to emphasize that he was complaining about Pix.

To this, Pix snickered in naughtiness as he buried his face in his hands from uncontrollable laughter. Lulu heard this and eyed the faerie with a glare as she signaled him to not mock the sorcerer, knowing that he was blind because of the critter's frenzy.

She then smiled and giggled softly, amused by Veigar's grumpiness, "No it won't, I promise. I'll make it so that you could watch the fireworks over Bandle City tonight."

A thirst for knowledge washed over Veigar as he wondered, "Fireworks. I have never experienced them, is it marvelous like I have overheard in many other places?"

"So you actually want to go?" Lulu abruptly raised the volume of her voice, surprised at his sudden curiosity as she beamed with exhilaration, "Great! I never thought you would actually want to be involved in it. I guess I didn't have to persuade you this time." The female yordle's happiness was at maximum as she twirled around with joy.

Her heart felt contented with warm flutters like the butterflies she would find in the Glade. At last she would pair up with somebody that wasn't Pix, and find the wonders of a new adventure that she would enjoy very much. Lulu could not wait for tonight's special arrival, but first she had to cure Veigar's eyesight. The sorceress figured that he shouldn't miss out on a beautiful scenery, especially during the night time, and she knew how to fix it.

"So what you speak of is true. Then I agree, I shall participate in this unique activity," Veigar nodded with satisfaction and folded his arms in deep thought.

He still hadn't forgotten his other dream from his childhood, for which it was to discover all the wonders of the secrets beyond Valoran. In the past, the sorcerer had replaced his imagination with evilness, also known as his attempt of ruling over Valoran. It was in his utter desolation of the darkness that trapped his humanity. But because of his promise with Lulu, he decided to fulfill his previous dream and put himself towards his positivity. It was one of the ways to relieve all of his pain. Yes, he must achieve it for his own sake, and maybe for Lulu's as well. Veigar still had that flashback squirming around in his head.

You are right, I don't understand the definition of pain. But either way, maybe I could help you with that....

The muscles in his eyes relaxed, as he inhaled the fresh smell of the forest greens through his tiny nose. He nodded again of his final decision and released his arms at his side, casting loose of his breath with deep exhalation.

Pain should not exist anymore... I want to make it extinct.

"Of course, I will need to uncover herbs for your aid. They are kinda rare to find," Lulu whirled her head to the side and tapped her finger on her chin, frightening Veigar at her unexpected statement.

She immediately turned to Pix with a goofy grin, "Alright Pixie, you know this place better than I do! Lead the way!"

Quietness occurred as the fae spirit hummed of unsureness, stating to Lulu that she was speaking of herbs he did not interpret, and was not catching on of what her intentions were.

The yordle tilted her head and placed her hands on her hips, "You know, that place where you dragged me to last time to cure my upset stomach? You said that it had plants to where it would cure loss of hearing, eyesight, fix up taste buds, and sense of smell all at the same time!"

Pix snapped his fingers in memorization as he looked up and turned himself away from Lulu, wondering which direction to lead them. The faerie then hovered moderately forward towards the nearest dirt path, not evening checking to see if the other two were following. Lulu smiled with serenity and focused her attention back to Veigar, who was mindlessly dazing in his thoughts.

"Hey, do you like water?" The female sorcerer cocked her head slightly with a questionable face at the dark wizard, thinking that he would be at a small fountain in the future to where the herbs were located.

Veigar snapped back in reality and peered at Lulu, realizing on what she just asked. As her words entered his mind, he angled his eyebrows and simply retorted, "I'll put this in a logical way. I just basically hate everything, what is the point of putting amusement in it?"

The female yordle could not believe her ears. She just merely asked a simple question, and he replies with an ignorant answer. This boy, always speaking the opposite of what Lulu desires him to say. Lulu crunched her eyebrows with dismay as she pounded his head with a tight fist, temporarily crushing his hat. The steel pricks of his headwear stabbed her skin, but she couldn't care less.

"You are so negative, Veigar!" She pouted with upset eyes and flicked her wrist at her side to rush the burn away. Blood oozed under her arm, and dripped onto the grass which led to the rich dirt.

"Ow, what was that for, Fae Sorceress?" Veigar winced and rubbed his head, repairing his wrinkled hat.

"At least take a liking to things, create new hobbies. They will make use to future events though you do not realize that. Have a change of heart Veigar, especially when you're around me, it would really bring color to your bitter soul," Lulu significantly declared, bringing out the priority of her short speech.

The Tiny Master of Evil clenched his fists. Take a liking? His present time had buffering events that already caused him to take a dislike. For God's sake, he was blind! It was the main disliking he hated during this time. Lulu mentally described him as silent, but he unnoticeably trembled with emotional words lurking in his mind. He felt like he was about to go insane. The magician normally disliked many people, places, or things, even though he had already promised not to take over Valoran. Such dislike, he knew, could lead to an effect of destruction once more, but his mind took it too far. He then experienced great agony as he clenched his head with such confusion, his evilness suddenly returning at a medium rate. Veigar dropped to his knees with weak energy and squeezed the muscles of his eyes to try to push away the mental impact. High-pitched screeches echoed out of his throat.

Finding her friend weak on his knees and making an outbreak, she took a step forward, "Veigar? What's going on?" Lulu widen her eyes in horror, figuring that her words must have clicked his inner instincts.

Suddenly hearing major groans of pain, Pix slightly looked back, then whirled around in a 360 motion as soon as he caught sight of the magician. He rapidly fluttered his wings back towards Lulu, who dropped herself to the ground for assistance to Veigar.

"Are you okay, what's happening?" The fae sorceress hesitantly tried to wrap her arms around him for comfort until his abrupt words stopped that from occurring.

"Stay away from me..." Veigar's feeble words pierced Lulu as his crying of pain worsened.


"Can't you see I am terribly dangerous in this condition?! Unless if you want to get hit, stay back!" He hollered at the top of his lungs.

The female magician squeezed her eyes shut to prevent her exposed tears. They were suppose to see the fireworks tonight, not enduring suffer towards their minds and desperately clenching onto their brains! She was not going to let this block her direction towards smiles of enjoyment. Lulu refused to leave his side.

Instead she ordered to Pix, "Get the herbs, quickly!"

The spirit pointlessly floated there, staring at Veigar in devastation as he had never seen anyone suffer in such harsh condition. He paid no attention to the yordle who had such wanting for help or to save.

"Now!" Lulu commanded once more, snapping him back to reality as he nodded and right away flew off towards the previous pathway.

On the other hand, Veigar continued to
moan endlessly with affliction as the fae sorceress could not cast any pain-relieving magic without her staff or Pix.

I should've went back to get it, she dumbly thought.

Shaking her head and realizing this was no time for blaming, Lulu had no choice but to just pull herself closer to Veigar and pile herself onto him. Her hands clinged onto his clothes and brought him closer as he automatically let loose of his closed body and fell onto her lap. Though his hands still held grasp onto his burning head, the sorcerer's consciousness was starting to fade away, not even noticing that Lulu disobeyed his demanding command.

"Shhh, it's okay. I'm here, don't mourn over unwanted feelings alright?" The yordle hushed quietly while placing her hands under him, attempting to adjust him to where his head would be comfortable at her chest. His vital screams haunted her horrifyingly. The purple-haired witch embraced him with tears nearly flooding out of her eyes. She aspired to reject them as her courageous personality did not include sour tears.

"Don't worry, I'm here for you, Veigar. Just don't lose it, okay?" As his head was brought up close to her, Lulu desperately hugged him tightly as her ears twitched, hearing his wailing slowly fainting away. With a sigh of relief, her hug loosened up a bit as she bend her neck down to peck his forehead, hoping that maybe it would relieve his agony somehow. She continuously rubbed behind him back and forth to make an effort to shoo all of his harmful thoughts away.

All she picked up from him was a mumble under his breath that made out, "You don't listen.. do you?.."

In exchange to his weak effort, the fae sorceress cracked a smile as she found Veigar unconscious in her arms, finally calmed down from his dramatic outburst. But as soon as his words sent a shiver down her spine, she lost it. Veigar wasn't dead, but his cause of fainting in front of her eyes and seeing that he was okay just made her lose it. Hot tears rushed down her face as she concealed her face against his miniature body; tears both of sadness and happiness.

--------------Le Boop?------

It was evening. Seeing the sun already setting, it caused a beautiful view of a sunset right before Lulu's eyes. She smiled with content at the sight of the red-orange sky, as she barely felt the weight of the sleeping tiny master carried on her back. His legs were lifted by the sorceress's hands, while the male yordle's arms hugged Lulu's head as if she were presenting him a piggy-back ride. The girl walked carefully with each precise step, having a deep thought of why Veigar had gone insanely crazy before. She had knowledge that yordles go mad after a long period of isolation, but Veigar was not isolated at that time. Lulu was right next to him during that entire moment. Unable to solve the matter to her problem, she spotted a small critter drifting in the middle of her pathway. Lulu squinted, catching Pix lazily dragging himself alongside the stream; bundles of herbs clutched in his hands and feet, like an eagle grappling it's prey. He drowsily blinked, stretching his arms with a massive yawn found upon his exhausted face. The faerie buzzed softly and gestured the picked herbs towards Lulu.

"That field was far away, wasn't it Pix?" The witch clumsily smiled, figuring she sent him off to a zone miles away without thinking properly.

Pix nodded with enervation and descended himself on the grassy field near the edge of the riverbank. He placed half of the amount of plants on a flat stone and took the other half, dipping it into the water while soaking it up like a sponge. Lulu delicately swung Veigar's arms back, letting his weight fall back as she quickly twirled and caught him before he fell flat on the ground. She was quite surprised that he hadn't woke up from her abrupt actions, when she fragilely laid his body against a tall rock. As the winged creature finished soaking the herbs, he rose up; hastily fluttering his wings to fly and landed near the sorcerer's shoulder. Pix dabbed the wet plants onto Veigar's skin as he squeezed the juices of the plant in his beady eyes, washing the dry blood away. The juices of the herbs would positively effect his sight, eliminating all the infection and leaving it cleaned and cured, though it would have an after-effect sting. The fae spirit happily smiled and hummed a short song until he looked up at Lulu, to only find her swinging her naked legs in the unpolluted stream and staring at the sunset, as her hands and empty shoes were behind her without any emotion. Pix recklessly splat the herbs onto the magician's eyes and meaninglessly left it there, wanting to sit with Lulu and chat with her. He chirped with interrogative to which he asked why she was so quiet.

"I just have nothing to say is all." Her hair blew in her face from the evening wind.

Pix knew she was upset, so he immediately buzzed; questioning her disappointment.

Lulu let out a massive sigh, "I really wanted to go see the fireworks with Veigar, since I made a new friend and all and that he hasn't seen them before. He was at least willing enough to attend to it with me," she proclaimed, bringing her head and knees together while she was buried in her arms, as if she were resting on a pillow. Her eyes shifted towards Veigar with a frown, reminding herself that he could not go with her since he was ill. During her memory of the surging moment when she had cried her eyes out over him, she thought it was the most foolish thing to bawl over. Lulu's mind contributed that maybe the outbreak was a normal thing for him. Why would she go crying over that? Yordles do go crazy after a long period of remote time.

Don't give up just yet, Pix silently buzzed, using his telepathy to communicate.

Lulu pivoted her head to face her companion with a feeble smile, "Yeah, I know."


His head hurt. It repeatedly pounded as irritation splashed over Veigar. When could this throbbing stop? His last memory was in Lulu's lap, groaning and muttering for no apparent reason. He found tears, a puddle of bitter tears. She cried over him, it seemed. What was to become of them, especially himself, if his circumstances were harming Lulu? Their "friendship" puzzled him. It was like he met a wandering pet along the way and just decided to pick him up during his trip. Veigar assumed to be confused. He didn't know where he was at since it was all dark; like his past. Did he black out?

Ugh. Veigar mentally placed his hand on his head, feeling minor thumps in his brain.

When will this bloody pain ever stop?

As his headache began to slowly part away, he suddenly heard familiar voices. They scarcely called out his name, but who was they? He only heard a female's voice.

Lulu? He thought.

He focused his hearing once more to bring out the strange voices.

Veigar.... wake up... Veigar!...

It increased its volume.

"Veigar!" The female sorcerer shouted.

The wizard shot his eyes open with shock as if he just had a heart attack. He suddenly gasped loudly for inhalation as he found himself panting for oxygen. He blinked. He could see again. But his eyes had a mint-like feeling, and it stung a little. Veigar peered over to Lulu, who sat with legs crossed, having an eagerness expression on her face. Questions were swimming in his mind, wanting to open his mouth to speak but he wasn't able to. Though one managed to detangle out.

"How did my eyesight return?" was his first question.

The girl just cheerfully smiled and reminded him of her previous intendment, "Herbs."

The dark wizard said no word in response since he did not know what to say. His eyes were puffy, but he was able to see. Veigar predicted that it would wear off soon.

"Um, do you still wanna see the fireworks?" Lulu interrupted his thoughts as she squished her index fingers together, "It's about to start soon."

"Fireworks," the male yordle murmured to himself.

Lulu did save him. Well, not necessarily, but she stayed by his side even though he insisted that she avoided his presence. Veigar drew guilt as his current facial expression. The yordle's eyes lowered as if he were to close them and looked down with pity on himself. Veigar was known as The Tiny Master of Evil, and he could not change that. It was he as himself, but he felt as if Lulu was creating a new part of him; a better one. Yet he continued to bear an evil side of him in his inner course. This made him incredibly puzzled. His genius mind crumbled together into something he didn't know what it was, leading him to not even able to understand his own true identity. The only priority that he could identify right now, was that he owed her; for being loyal. Who would've known that such a small deal of an incident could have explained so much, especially if thoughts were understood well enough?

Veigar closed his eyes with his concluding resolution in mind as he protested, "I owe you my debt of thanks. So yes, I accept your request."

The female magician's eyes shone with grand joyfulness as her blank expression suddenly grew into a large grin, "Yay! Oh my god, we're gonna have so much fun!"

She repeatedly jumped up and down with amusement as she pivoted her head up at the sky, realizing what time it was, "Oh my, it's gonna start soon if we don't hurry, c'mon let's go!"

Lulu rushingly grabbed her friend as she yanked him off the ground, ignoring Veigar's scowling of her rough tugs. The girl jerked on his sleeve, signaling him to pick up the pace. The witch was correct, it was already night time. The dazzling show was about to start any minute. The blue and black wizard looked up at the twinkling stars shining down on their faces. The full moon was bright as ever, like a face smiling down upon them. The crispy breeze whispered in the air, blowing against their faces as they sprinted and sent a chill through their nerves. Autumn leaves danced their way towards the ground, flapping its leafy skin like a bird fluttering its wings. As the leaves made their way down the dirt path, they were soon crushed by the foots of the two sorcerers. Hearts hammered against their chests as they ran faster, hungry for air and causing such gasps. Goosebumps appeared on their skin from the night weather, feeling as if they just climbed out of an iceberg.

They reached the end of the hill quicker than they expected, crashing onto their knees and turning over on their backs with an extreme breath-taking view of the night sky. Both of them panted with much exhaustion as Veigar spoke the first declaration.

"You run too fast," he coughed when he choked on his sentence.

Lulu chuckled between her breaths, "It's a habit."

As eyes were nailed at the night sky, silence occurred between the duo. They waited patiently for the first firework to come to existence.

"Were we too late?" Veigar asked at a minor volume.

"I'm positive it should happen around now..." The fae sorceress curled up into a ball with anxiousness, wishing that she did not miss out on it. After a minute or two, her conscious then told her that it was already over, that she was too late. Lulu frowned with disappointment, thinking that it sucked to miss out on a huge opportunity, especially one that would possibly change the wizard's negativity.

But she was wrong. The sound of the first launch was heard by the trio as it blasted off into the sky.

"There it is, there it is!" Lulu beamed as she continuously poked the male yordle until she received his attention.

It exploded; bursted into beautiful red sparks as they momentarily morphed into different colors. Veigar set his dim eyes on one of the most extraordinary scenes he had ever experienced. He did have to admit, it was something he actually... liked.

Missiles of fireworks broke out into millions of sparks, bring smiles to many citizens of Bandle City below and to Lulu and Veigar. Pix gazed in awe as he laid down on the soft grass against his stomach. His hands supported his head as he moderately moved his wings back and forth and eyes brightened with amazement, knowing that after so many years he could visit the marvelous show once more.

Veigar felt something warm wrapping around his right arm as he peered down to find Lulu hugging it. He immediately twitched of uncomfortableness and tensed up with a look of disgust, "Hey what are you-"

"Thank you." The sorceress smiled with gratitude as the male yordle found her resting her head against his shoulder. She closed her eyes peacefully after a terribly long day along with a fabulous view of the night sky.

Veigar suddenly relaxed after he found her irresistible innocent face. The wizard declined the offer to look at it as he turned his head to the side, changing his vision towards the grass. He blushed a little from their affection with an instinct of making a similar action in return. And he chose to do it by leaning his head on hers as he scooted closer to her, discovering his comfortable area to sleep.

Minor affection, loyalty, sharing ideas, curing injuries, and being there for each other. These were the factors that Veigar had involved in a rare thing of his called "friendship". Would this really exterminate all of his pain for good? His eyelids closed halfway, pondering on his other thought about his true identity. Was he evil, or not? Unsolved questions and sudden thoughts fiddled with his heart.

What exactly am I?


Alright, it's the end. :3
I hope this was satisfying enough, I'll try to increase the proficiency of my writing in the future chapters. Meanwhile, please comment, rate, and like? (:
Remember, I approve criticizing reviews =^-^=

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all the feels in the world

+1000 If I could.

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what's Le Boop?
I mean, I know le is masculine form for the in french, but what did it stand for?
What was the deep meaning behind it?