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[A Sorcerer's Reasons] Light-hearted Lulu x Veigar One-Shot!

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@BIG@ UPDATE 7/12/12

EDIT: Alright so before you guys read this, I would just like to say that this FanFic was orginally a one-shot. But because of the reviews and the private messages I received on LoL, ppl just seemed demanding for a sequel/novella to this and I would enjoy writing something like that after being inspired by other FanFictions, so there you have it. I will probably post up Chapter One tomorrow evening or so, it depends if I have time hehe. Enjoy!


Lulu x Veigar: One-Shot!

A Sorcerer's Reasons

"Pix, do you think they know we're here?" Lulu curiously questioned as she continued skipping and dancing through the familiar forest.

The little faerie hummed of unsureness and shrugged, letting Lulu know that it had no clue of the whereabouts to the citizens of Bandle City. After countless weeks of ferocious battles in Noxus, the two companions had came to an agreement where they would visit the Glade once more.

"Well that won't matter now, would it? It's not as if we would invade their village." The two of them kept dashing about.

"All I can think about," she paused and smiled, "is the wonderful scenery of this fantasy-like forest."

She sighed deeply with wonder, opened her arms, and twirled with great happiness. Letting gravity take over, Lulu dropped herself onto the most comfortable layer of grass she'd ever laid on. She gazed up at the sky, fascinated by the abnormal creatures that lurked in the trees. Rainbows of colors splashed on the critters' wings, Lulu could not bear to leave such a captivating sight.

Pix buzzed with delight as well, and floated in circles surrounding her loyal friend with grand joy. It was good to be back in their home.

But a sudden rustle in a bush nearby put a halt to their excitement. As the abrupt noise startled Lulu and Pix, their nerves caused them to jump in surprise. The fae sorceress immediately raised herself on her feet in an alert stance; with her staff clasped in her tiny hands and her feet spread apart. She was hesitant, as she poked her staff towards the moving shrub, like a fencer making its final thrust. Her eyes narrowed, as if she were feeling an upcoming attack about to happen.

Just as Lulu decided to protectively stab the bottom tip of her wand into the shrub, a miniature body had shot out of the bush and smacked her right in the chest!

The purple-haired witch wheezed out air while the pressure of the unknown being forced her staff out of her hand. Lulu roughly landed on her back against a tree as she winced with an eye open. She coughed for oxygen when her vision groggily spotted Pix tugging on the headwear of the unknown arrival.

"Stop it you insignificant creature! Scram, I say! Scram!" A screechy voice came from a dark yordle, who dressed like a wizard and desperately tried to shoo Pix away. Each time the bizarre yordle screamed of irritation, the jerking from Pix grew more forceful than ever.

"Pix! Don't be so harsh, he probably means no harm.." Lulu limply stood up and wiped off the dirt on her clothes.

The fae spirit stopped on his owner's command and flew quickly past the stranger. He took off near Lulu and rested quietly on her shoulder. Meanwhile, the newcomer shook his head to knock out the dizziness from Pix, and got up shortly from his knees. His beady eyes slowly blinked at Lulu and stared at her for quite a while.

"Who are you, and why do you seem so familiar to me? Where are you from?" The sorcerer demanded and drew out his wand.

Lulu furrowed her brows and folded her arms against herself, knowing this dark yordle had absolutely no manners.

"Well if you must know, I'm Lulu, the Fae Sorceress," She placed her hand on her chest, gesturing herself.

"I am currently under the calling of League of Legends. I was previously from Bandle City--"

"Bandle City!" the magician cut her off, "and League of Legends. I remember you now. You were the one that casted Whimsy on that Mundo, and had his cleaver chasing me through the whole jungle-- I will never forget that."

With such speed, the dark wizard flipped out his wand at Lulu and struck it at her as a threat.

"You dare to assault me again, young yordle?" He mockingly challenged the fae sorceress.

Lulu's eyes suddenly shone as she looked deeply into his eyes, suddenly recognizing him.

"Veigar! I should've known!" Lulu released her eyebrows and calmly looked straight at his wand. She bit her lip, seeing him loitering the Glade suspiciously.

She snarled with noticeable sharp teeth, "Why are you in the grounds of Bandle City? If they find out that we were here they will have us executed!"

"What wrong have you done to have them banish you, and how would you figure that I was forced to leave as well?" Veigar stuck the sharp edge of his wand right under her neck.

The two of them took each precise step back towards a tree as Veigar smiled evilly wide, cornering her at the edge of the grass clearing. Lulu recklessly opened her mouth to speak but no words spilled out. She was definitely speechless and had not came up with a remark to outsmart his question, nor a way to free herself from this trapping position. Pix, on the other hand, made an effort to push Veigar's weapon out of his friend's fragile skin. Unfortunately, Pix had caught the evil master's attention. As he swiped his hand across the faerie, he helplessly laid unconscious on the grassy plain. Lulu gasped as she peered from the fae spirit to Veigar, her eyes widen with fear. She gulped in anxiousness, knowing she could not do any escaping action without her beloved friend.

"I am Veigar, the Master of All Evil, and I shall avenge myself to the weak Valoran!" He cackled and placed his wand deeper into her skin, just barely on the verge of drawing blood.

Lulu suddenly realized her own staff scarcely within the corner of her eye. With flat out quick thinking and no hesitation, she decided to clench a fist with a fierce smack on Veigar's wand, watching it flying out of his hand. As Veigar was caught off guard, she plunged towards her wooden staff, and her hand gripped it firmly while her body roughly glided across the ground. Ignoring the scratches she may have acquired, Lulu flipped to her side and instantly summoned Glitterlance right into Veigar's face. The yordle magician had no way to dodge the sparkling spell and instead took it shot across the face. He collapsed on the ground, taking in sudden gasps. Wheezing for breath as well, Lulu pierce her wooden staff into the ground and used it as support to help herself up.

She looked at the tiny wizard on the ground and merely hushed out her remark, "Veigar, you imbecile.."

No response was heard from the magician. Only birds chirped, while sunshine blazed through the leaves and shone on the tree Lulu previously laid on. The smell of tree bark and mint leaves was all that was sensed.

"Come on, you! Let's dance!" Lulu smirked. She yanked her staff out of the ground and pointed it straight at Veigar.

Looking as if he were to give up, Veigar suddenly sat up weakly with his head facing the ground. He repeatedly gasped for air and lightly touched the spot where Glitterlance had hit. He still said no word, just silence. Lulu put a stop to her taunt and cautiously walked over to the evil wizard. She could still catch his dim eyes blinking softly.

"I was mad, once." Veigar spoke in a calmer, vibrating voice.

Lulu jerked with surprise and carefully took a step back. The grip on her staff tensed, preparing for any dangerous move he made.

"They kept me imprison behind their walls for years. I felt very lonely and ignored. Those bloody jailers isolated me, bringing me cruel, brutal pain." he coldly stated, "but you wouldn't understand, you most likely have been banned for a less dramatic reason. You wouldn't even know the definition of pain!" Veigar looked up high at Lulu and present her an icy glare.

This struck Lulu at her heart. He was correct, she did not understand, but the reason was because Pix had stayed right by her side for ages. In fact Pix has been next to her for so long, she included him as a part of her soul, her gifted magic. But such an unexpected feeling wanted Lulu to be similar like that towards Veigar. Their talents were nearly so much alike, Lulu figured everyone deserved a second chance.

Thoughts in Lulu's head had caused her to drift off mindlessly. To this, Veigar seized his chance. As he slowly stood up and picked up his wand, the evil magician aimed it directly at Lulu in sudden movement, "Which is why I shall drive you out of my way, and lead myself towards the destruction of Valoran!"

Realizing that her distraction gave Veigar a moment to seize, Lulu shockingly rose her hands up in a surrendering position, though he wouldn't allow to spare her. The yordle steered his staff up towards the bright sky where the leaves of trees covered it like an umbrella. He began to summon something powerful relating to his cosmic magic. The beautiful shapes of clouds dramatically began to form into dark space-like stars. This made Lulu feel very paranoid and iced with fear.

Pushing all of her terrifying thoughts away, she desperately aimed her staff up towards the sky as well, attempting with all her might to bring back her trustworthy friend. Her hand on her magical weapon would not stop trembling. Lulu forced all the horrifying reactions by shutting her eyes tightly enough to just bring out minor tears.

Literally screaming at the top of her lungs, she cried, "Help, Pix!"

A bright light suddenly glowed in Lulu's body, bringing out the true soul of her talented magic. She looked to Pix's body, who magically revived in seconds, sending a protective shield around the sorceress and deflecting the enemy's Dark Matter. Suddenly noticing she regained full magic back, Lulu's evil smile expanded, the same way Veigar had acted before.

"Hah! Eat squirrel!" Her lips drew together, sending Veigar a taunting look.

"Polymorph!" Lulu casted a silencing spell on her rival with the help of the fae spirit.

Veigar immediately morphed into a lavender squirrel, preventing him from casting any spells. After meaninglessly hopping for moments and turning back into his yordle form, Veigar feebly dropped to his knees. He refused to fight the unstoppable sorceress. He abruptly figured that they were both fighting in Lulu's home, acknowledging that she would have greater strength in her familiar area, which was the reason Pix had respawned so easily. Admitting his disappointing defeat, his head faced down with such embarrassment, after boasting of his domination to Valoran. And he realized how close he was to overcome her powers, but why does she have great perseverance? The answer was simply because of her precious friend, Pix. He wished for all his life to at least have some emotion or companion like that.

As his facial expressions and body movement described to Lulu that he was surrendering, she freed her staff and pivoted her head towards Pix. They both peered at each other with looks of curiosity, to which why he was giving so easily after all the aggressive fighting. But Pix's ability for telepathy had made Lulu sense his poor emotions of pain. Her eyebrows narrowed with pity of his hurt, remembering his short summary of his unforgettable past.

"I give, because I am no match for you in your own territory," he sadly said and began walking in the opposite direction of Bandle City.

As one foot stepped on a polka-dotted mushroom, Veigar faintly heard rushing footsteps and felt something wrapped around his waist, warm and safe.

An abrupt voice was heard as he felt lips against his ears, "I was forced out of Bandle City's grounds because the people there didn't approve me with my magic. But unlike them, the League adored me and took me in." Lulu whispered and had came up from behind to gift Veigar a comforting hug.

"You are right, I don't understand the definition of pain. But either way, maybe I could help you with that." Her voice cracked harshly.

"Why do you treat me like this, even after what I have done to you in the Fields of Justice?" The dark sorcerer asked.

The sky that was once painted evil had soon faded itself to its original, pretty scene. The sun grew extremely bright at the moment, sending its rays down through the sun and directly at Lulu and Veigar.

"Because I find that no one else in the League would, seeing your stubborn attitude." Lulu cracked a smile and tightened the hug to pull him closer. She lightly planted a sweet kiss on his cheek, where her Glitterlance had injured him.

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I would enjoy some feedback in response to my one-shot. (If you're wondering what a one-shot is, it is a short fan fiction that is only a chapter long.) I will even accept criticizing reviews, anything that would help me improve my writing proficiency or enlighten my emotions. Although it isn't because this is my first fan fiction (even though it is on the website), it is because I have not written any stories for quite a while. But on one occasion: If you do not favor the pairing Lulu x Veigar, I suggest you do not read this short story. Personally, I support Lulu x Veigar with all my heart. I feel they were meant to be ever since Lulu came out(:

Thanks for using your precious time to look through my thread, and I hope you enjoyed it ~ =^-^=

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Junior Member


lol, I thought a one-shot would be Veigar one-shotting Lulu with his ulti xD
Anyways, I like it. I strongly urge you to destroy this one-shot mindset of yours and continue it to be a novella.

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Quite an enjoyable and cute read. I must applaud you for how simplistic it is. Though it does seem to be lacking a bit of subsistence, and it feels your fight scenes seemed slightly forced, I found it all in all an enjoyable, cute, and quite entertaining read. If you have any more like this please tell me, I'd love to read. I have a new love fanfic I've just recently started. It's called A Tail of Cards. Feedback on that would be nice. Thank you. Oh and you should make this longer.. I'd like to see how they end up :3

EDIT: When said "lacking a bit of subsistence", I meant that on the emotional end it seemed slightly lacking. The emotions seem very sudden. I would have had Lulu respond to his story about him being imprisoned with some sense of sadness and such, so that she understands his pain. This could cause her to become caring about him, despite the fact they are fighting.

Some advice for writing fan fiction is... Write what you want. Don't let others tell you what to write, when to write, and how to write. Though you can take advice to heart, don't do exactly what anyone says. I've written many fan fictions (Though A Tail of Cards is my second league ff) and I have found that the key to writing a fan fiction is pleasing yourself, as wtih any other writing.

Also make sure that research you champion thoroughly. I didn't really see anything wrong here, but there wasn't much here. You need to know how they talk, what they live for, and all that jazz. After all, you are using someone else's character, and not just your own. Knowing your characters personality (With a little stamp of you in it of course) makes it seem all more realistic. Hope this helped

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Your advice really helped me. I'll be sure to carefully use my time to make detailed information on their past in my next FF or the sequel to this. I guess I have to read their Lore over an over again to fully understand xD

It's been quite a few years since I wrote something like this. It's good to have some helpful tips like yours to get back on track again(:

Thanks so much for your help again I really appriciate it! I'll be sure to catch on to A Tail of Cards ~

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Senior Member


Cute one shot! Even if their background stories are real or not, I think you did well to work it into the story! Keep it up. (: Would like to see more from ya.

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Bald Greyseer

Junior Member


Very cute story. :-) I had doubts about Lulu + Veigar, but this was fresh and entertaining. Your writing needs more nuance. For example, Lulu is a free-spirited gal and Veigar is the little Master of Evil... so they're likely to have huge differences of opinion that can't be resolved with a hug and kiss. Even romance stories need conflict :-)

Writing is a skill you get better at the more you practice. Write on! I look forward to reading more about Lulu x Veigar.

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Junior Member


The ending was very sweet and I'm glad to see that you'll be continuing with this. I'm finding myself liking this pairing more and more.

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Aah okay okay okay. Calm down before you hit me with Nidalee's spear ><"
So maybe I was a tad late to post this up, hehe. But I was watching movies and spamming matches on LoL to save IP for Zyra ~
I really wish I could change the title to this thread since this is no longer a one-shot... Oh well, I'll stop talking and let you read the first chapter of my first LoL chapter after chapter FanFic!
Enjoy, you silly little dewdrops(:


A Sorcerer's Reasons - Sequel

Chapter 1: A Third Chance

It was a quiet night, in fact it was assumed to be too quiet. It seemed as if ears were deaf, for such silence. But of course, Lulu's hearing wasn't that trashed. The possible cause of the infinite silence were probably the reactions of the fast asleep sorcerers, Lulu and Veigar, as their resting took place at the time of midnight. The two companions laid sound asleep on the soft comfortable grass plains that belonged to the grounds of the whimsical Glade. Minor snoring was perceived from Veigar as his miniature body continuously tossed and turned in the search for comfort. On the other hand for Lulu, well... she was half awake. Her conscious was unexpectedly awoken from the humming of Pix's disturbing inhalation for breath.

An unusual feeling or an instinct had a little urge for her to precipitously wake up, and so she did. Lulu feebly dragged herself up and slouched as she sat with a soporific position. Her lips drew apart in an oval shape to free an exhalation of air, followed by a massive yawn, to which she gently covered her mouth to. She moderately blinked groggily with drowsiness caught in her emerald eyes. Her reality did not seem so quiet now. Lulu suddenly brought her head up, curious to her surroundings. Towards her grand surprise with a discovery of a huge beam on her face, her vision had featured hundreds or even thousands of fireflies droning near the trees above. It was a magnificent and a breath-taking sight in the sorceress's perspective. Lulu's slumberous expression had now disappeared due to the marvelous show. She giggled of excitement at a low volume, almost forgetting that her two associates were sound asleep. Deciding to leave them in their immovable state, she crawled out of her sitting position and left off to somewhere else peaceful, where she could create all the enthusiastic noises she wished to.

----=^-^= Teemo Face ftw >--------------------

The stars' glistening dimly faded away while the skies began to create dawn. Early birds chirped of hunger for food as they watched Lulu continue down the bare path towards the next off skirts. Realizing the sun barely rising up, Lulu wondered if Pix noticed her unforeseen disappearance. She did not care for Veigar, for which she was not knowledgable of his time to wake up. With each step crushing small plants or grass, the fae sorceress cautiously darted her eyes around, paranoid of the dangerous creatures she was bewared of. She then figured that she should return back to her allies, instead of lurking in the most abnormal territories that corresponded to harmful beings.

An abrupt rustle possibly from a shrub was heard exactly similar to the day before, that eventually lead into an ambush. Lulu expanded her eyes with such surprise as she turned her head back and immediately took a few steps backwards. Her eyes narrowed as she then crossed her arms in front of herself in preparation of defense, since she did not have her staff. Seconds later, a familiar figure popped out of the bush and stood before Lulu as his body bent forward with an open hand against his side. Veigar used his other available hand to plant his wand into the ground and easily leaned on it as support, wiping sweat off of his forehead with much exhaustion. Pix was found behind him as he eagerly fluttered his wings towards his trustworthy friend. Veigar looked up at Lulu, who relaxed herself after seeing him and was then twitching of irritation.

"Do you always have to be so noisy when you make an appearance?" she retorted with a grim look and rolled her eyes, "especially in the shrubs?"

Veigar squinted, detecting her actions and facial expressions as he ignored her complaint, "Where have you been this whole time? You left me stuck back there with this bothersome creature!"

The yordle growled with upset feeling as he pointed to Lulu's faerie friend, who fluttered his wings rapidly at the sorcerer's side. His movement was similar to a hummingbird, zooming from one area to another at such quick speed. Pix ended up floating above Lulu's pointy hat, circling in non-stop rotations until he tired himself out. As he landed, he curled up into a ball- like structure and rested silently on her enormous hat. Veigar raised his eyebrow at his actions, seeing this critter having an unusual personality.

"Oh, grow up Veigar. I'm pretty sure he did no harm to you," the fae sorceress swiped her wrist in his direction as she scoffed.

The dark yordle stepped closer to her, growing old of her mocking comebacks, "I am grown up, you are just too childish to see it. You're always constantly skipping around, wishing on rainbows, and throwing flowers in the air like some miracle would fall straight from the sky!" He threw his arms up in the air for emphasis in his sentence.

To this, Lulu smirked and placed her hands on her hips.

"So the Tiny Master of Evil thinks he's more grown up than me, huh? I practically kicked your butt the other day! You are lucky I had a change of heart and decided to spare you that time, addition to a comfortable area to rest!" She laughed heartily with delight.

"I am evil, stop laughing!" Veigar raised a fist, "and spare me? You had bloody smooches all over my face, you call that a spare?"

He spat, "I'd rather have been exterminated by you back there than receiving worthless hugs from you!"

As soon as the sound of every pronunciation was sent into her nerves, Lulu flushed extremely red at the thought of his words. She wiped away all the previous teasing looks on her face, and replaced them with a frown and eyes with shame. Her head fell down, with strands of hair over her face and one hand over her other arm. Having many statements in her mind to speak, Lulu could not form any of them with her mouth. It was the cruelty of Veigar that caused her to be so vulnerable, but why was that? His seek of destruction still laid deeply inside of him, his desire of pain towards everyone in his direction. And yet, Lulu still desperately wanted to find the softness inside of him. The pity of sorrow the evil wizard still continued to tug harshly on her soul. Were words and attempted physical actions not enough? The purple-haired girl bit her lip in puzzlement.

"I can sense the fear in your weak, puny heart," Veigar, being the atrocious magician he was, protracted his wand as he grasped it tightly in his cold hands with a minor hush, "And soon enough, all your loved ones shall succumb to the darkness."

He extracted his weapon out as a threat, another challenge of his. The tiny master wanted to finish Lulu off it seemed, to efficiently execute her out of his way, and allow him to continue his foolproof plan of causing the havoc for Valoran. For that, he would have to start with the sorceress's precious home, the Glade. Veigar's wanting for the mayhem of Valoran was all he wished for; to finally crush all the wicked people that isolated him, and the people that brought him verbal and physical pain. The people that drove him insanely mad, and the people who morphed him into this mess. The relentless wizard just wanted it all to stop, to save himself from pain, just so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. From the reaction to his dramatic thoughts, his body began to create a dark matter of energy surrounding him, unexpectedly establishing a clouding fog in his wake.

"If you could just close your eyes, you would see more colors to your world instead of only black and white, just how foolish can you be, Tiny Master of Evil?" Lulu strained all the despairing predictions out of her clustered mind.

Her eyes glowed with anticipation, eyebrows angled with boldness, and fists clenched to fight her worthless and childish fears away.

"You may call me foolish, Fae Sorceress, but look at yourself. You have no weapon to fight? You cannot possibly defeat me only with that helpless friend of yours. At this rate for you, your soul will come to serve me!" Veigar recklessly swung his staff of taunt and cackled simultaneously.

"So what's a villain without cleverness? You should realize by now that my magic does not relate to my staff, but to my mate here, Pix." Lulu let out a positive smirk as she gestured the fae spirit, "I can still use my abilities, as long as I have faith, trust, and squirrels!" Her laughter expressed amusement.

With a flick of her finger, Lulu dastardly pointed a nail at Veigar. As she walked over to him at a moderate speed, she hoped with all her heart, that this last fight between them would persuade him to stop this madness.

"Dust 'em, Pix!" The fae sorceress commanded with a disastrous smile, sending off a shimmering load of Glitterlance.

The fae spirit charged himself towards Veigar, who had just barely dodged the recent basic spell. Pix relied on his usual skill, Help, Pix!, and blasted himself in the dark yordle's face. His melee attack had left vision on Veigar, as the faerie had secretly hidden himself on the rim of his hat. He had done this so that Lulu would identify her opponent easily in the harsh fog. The evil master shook his head and mentally smacked himself for concentration. He now then completed a comparable activity to what Lulu did and casted a simple Baleful Strike. The female yordle merely dodged it as expected, but then suddenly widen her eyes in surprise to find that the strike of the spell was following her like a missile, instead of shooting straight ahead. Impact hit as a minor explosion had occurred from Baleful Strike, brutally crashing into the sorceress.

Meanwhile, as Veigar chuckled with victorious emotion, Pix seized his opportunity and launched himself from the sorcerer's headwear; descending on his cheek. He then grimly tore his claws into Veigar's skin with fury as he scratched his beady eyes in effect, blinding him and coicendentially buying Lulu time to safely respawn. The black and blue magician wailed of pain as he futilely made an effort to rip the fae spirit off of his face. Unable to do so, he lost his balance and teetered with a fall on his bottom as his wand freed itself from his hand at the same time.

Lulu was found on her hands and knees near a stone about the size of her height. As the smoke from the explosion started to vanish, one hand was placed on her shaking head, trying to bring in concentration for her conscious, while she lifted her head up curiously to find Pix shredding Veigar's face into pieces.

Realizing that they hadn't meant to do so much damage, she gasped in horror and desperately tried to find an object to assist the situation. Her eyes searched everywhere, until it specifically landed on one isolated item; Veigar's wand. Pix suddenly ended his tantrum as he abruptly sensed Lulu's presence close by. The faerie departed from the sorcerer's head and soared vertically up towards the sky. During that moment, Lulu leaped onto her enemy's helpless body, as its darkness died out, with his own wand in the girl's hand. Her legs were spread apart on top of the mage's waist as she reared his staff above his uniform collar.

"Give up, admit your defeat once more," the witch demanded; scars and dry blood on her smooth skin as she repeatedly panted of exhaustion.

Veigar, who gasped in for major breath as well, could not see but felt the sharp point of his wand planted on the thin, dark flesh of his unseen neck. The déjà-vu of this act was what had underestimated Lulu during that day before. The dark sorcerer now comprehended her fighting ways.

"Why.... is it so impossible for me to annihilate you?" The Tiny Master of Evil whispered his needing question. He gulped in anxiousness after finding himself pinned down on the ground by a support, and was currently on the risk of losing his head.

"Simple," Lulu smiled softly as she loosened her grip on the wand, "The best path between two points is upside-down, between, then inside-out and round again."

Veigar scowled as he struggled to break free from his position. But then seeing his condition that assumed he was unable to enter combat, Lulu dropped his wand at her side and removed her weight from his body. The female yordle helped Veigar up from their last position as the two of them stood up straight and faced each other without saying a word. Pix arrived moments later, proudly beaming with excitement as his aerial movements quickly allowed him to rest on his associate's shoulder.

"Since you cannot grant vision or wield a weapon during this time, I should ask this of you right now," the female yordle protested, "I would like to make a deal, with your permission."

The magician drew his lips in a small frown as he hesitantly answered at a low volume, "What is it?"

The purple-haired sorceress softly smiled again with hands squeezed together behind her back, lightly jumping up and down, "I want us to be friends, just the three of us; no fighting and no domination." Lulu exaggerated the last word with a smirk.

Veigar wanted to narrow his eyes towards her suspiciousness but to his unfortunates it was not possible, "Why should I trust you? Why don't you just allow me to accept my death instead of sparing me all over again?"

Lulu blinked with a blank expression and replied, "Because I'm different from you, though our abilities are alike. That's why I want us to be friends."

Different from me, eh? The sorcerer pondered.

"Alright... I accept your offer."

Lulu smiled in agreement knowing that he had chosen the correct choice. The yordle suddenly picked up her soon-to-be-friend's staff as she held it out to him showing him that she trusted him.

"Promise no more domination?" the fae sorceress grinned stupidly like a 5-year-old.

"...Fine." The yordle's hand reached out to hers as he retrieved his magical weapon, "I promise not to cause harm no more." Veigar secretly held back his disappointment.

Lulu expanded her mouth in an open smile as she giggled with enthusiasm, "Okay good, because I wanna show you an awesome surprise!"

"Show me what?" The male yordle creased his forehead with confusion.

Without hesitation, the witch snatched Veigar's skinny wrist as she prepared to plunge into the deepest regions of the forest, "Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise would it? C'mon!"

The sorcerer's blood rushed through his body in reaction to the chilly breeze as he staggered, "Huh? Now just hold on a minute!"

"No time to wait, let's go Grumpy-face!" The purple-haired girl rushed off into the clearing as both Lulu and Veigar's feet paced quicker after each second.

But still, a quote from the magician's companion still continued to linger in his mind.

"Because I am different from you."


If you guys noticed the sprinkle of Peter Pan dialogue I added in there, then you deserve a cookie! -gives cookie specially made by Teemo-
Blah blah blah, I hope you liked it ~ I shall take any reviews, even criticizing ones(:
Plz like and comment below, and I'll encourage myself to make more!

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Aww! Really starting to enjoy this pairing because of you!