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Hide and Seek

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These are the rules I play by in my Hide and Seek games.

What is hide and seek?
Hide and Seek is a custom game mode played on Dominion. There are many different variations to the rules and how it's played. In this case, there are 5 hiders (Team 1) and 2 seekers (Team 2). The game lasts for either 30 minutes or 45 minutes, to be decided by the host. Each hider has 3 or 5 lives based on the game length.

For the seekers to win, there must be no remaining hider before the time is up.
For the hiders to win, at least one hider must have at least one life at the end of the game time.

- The hiders spawn is "locked" at 2:00. Until then they can return. (e.g if they forgot to buy). Otherwise they can only buy when they die.
- No spawn camping. Any deaths in these situations do not count. A respawning hider must be undetected for 10 seconds before their deaths are counted.
- Only crowd control abilities (including debuffs like Ezreal's W) and mobility/defense abilities may be used by hiders. *
- Other than some exceptions, if a hider kills a seeker the hider loses one life.
- A chasing seeker can be killed by any crowd control ability if they've been low for a long time, but remember, only if they're still chasing.
- *Global ultimates like Zigg's and Ezreal's are fair game for hiders, as long as they actually are at global range from the target. (>3000 units) Keep in mind this does not allow killing seekers that are trying to recall, so use them carefully. There is no "accident" forgiveness.
- Repeated auto attacking is not allowed unless another ability makes auto attacks a crowd control. (e.g Shaco's E, Nautilus' passive)
- A hider with Storm Shield can use all of their abilities on seekers, so keep an eye on the center.
- Seeker deaths caused by normal trap quantities (i.e not 12091 Boxes in one bush) are not penalized. They should have recalled and chose to take that risk.
- Building Rylai's or Frozen Mallet does not allow otherwise non-CC skills to be used by hiders.
- All champions and items are allowed.

What happens when I've lost all my lives?
This will depend on your host, but I like to let hiders roam around the outer ring if they want. Seekers cannot kill them unless they do anything whatsoever to impede the seeker, in which case free gold! Do not enter the jungle! You are cheating by being a moving ward for your allies.

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love this,thanks

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