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Plantinum 3s Team try-outs

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have been playing for a few months... I play every day in less something comes up. I am at almost 300 wins. I know that is a lot less that what you are looking for but I am good. I top with riven and most games good. I lose about ever 4-5 game. I don't like 5s. If you wanna play a reg game with me and see that would be cool. I own over half the champs, I am a good tank with ali and voli. I have had some bad ass games with ww. But tbh I have never got singed down very good, but I have him. But I do my best topping. I like to top with olaf, noc, ww, but I am doing really well with riven atm. I would really love to have a good 3s team, and think you should check me out.