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I have no idea how to learn to play 3s.

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Fiiz Khalifa

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Gabriel Logan:
For gold, not necessarily, but statistically speaking it would be better that way. Low ELO players tend to not jungle, because it is too hard for them or they simply don't understand the concept of jungling. Thus it is possible to just lane with 3 champions (one being a capable jungler), and simply push a lane advantage and push their base, while taking jungle control in the off-time. If you do run a jungler, during your early games, one of your teammates will likely have to run a 1v2 lane, which can get tricky if they aren't good at the game.

A strategy that works for me in solo queue (when I know I won't have a jungler), is to pick a jungler with great ganking potential/mobility, and play them like a shortstop would; meaning you spend your time helping whichever partner is having trouble the most at the time, while taking advantage of any ganking opportunities. So a quick example would be starting boots/pots and going bot with your partner. You guys run your usual 2v2 setup as top lane 1v1s, resulting in all six of you getting to 75% hp or so within the first 2 minutes of the game. Right before top lane skirmishes a second time, you duck out quickly towards top lane and prepare to gank. 1/2 the time you get the firstblood, 1/4 of the time he Flashes out to dragon, and 1/4 the time they called MIA and he escapes unharmed. The same could happen if you wish to start the game 1v2 top lane with a teammate 1v2 on bot lane, then duck towards bot lane asap to back him up.

There's a number of things you could run/try and see what works best for you. You won't run into jungling teams until after 1300 ELO generally speaking. Regardless of what you do, I would recommend at least running Smite on one of your, so that combined with excellent warding, you will be able to Smite-steal the buffs/dragons of your desire. Once you get the hang of 3v3 and have reliable teammates, you are going to want to run a jungler though.

excellent shortstop analogy, being a baseball player this helped me alot.