Fps Issues

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Can someone please help me. I have had some fps issues on and off throughout this whole year. I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with my computer.. but i may be wrong. Normally i run the game at 60+ fps.. 87 with virtical sync off. Now i have done tests and such on my computer but nothing seems to be a big deal to cause this big of an issue with League. Now mind you that i dont have any troubles with other games. My real issue is that after a few games maybe 3 or more, my fps will just suddenly drop to 40 then progress to drop over time. This is also stays at that fps its not like a real fps drop where it goes for a few seconds.. it goes for the whole match and wont go up. I would like a professional to help me with this issue. I have an Alienware m15x laptop. My graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 657OM/5700 series, btw all my drivers and such are up to date and have been this whole year(i make sure to check all the time) i have 6 gb ram. If you need any other information do ask. I would be very appreciative of this, as i would like to play league without fear that my fps will drop and make my game play worse.