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Some map changes I made for Twisted Treeline.

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Map Marks:

  • Black lines on fountain: Marks the max nexus obelisk range so turtling is gone.
  • Green: Marks the brushes (bushes).
  • Red: Lizard buff (Slow is reduced a bit, but grants a bit more range for basic attacks).
  • Purple: Turrets.
  • Black dots: Marks shrines that heal and give some mana to the player, so a blue buff is not needed in this map.
  • Brown: Dragon.
  • Gray: Wolves or Wraiths buff.\


These are just some minor changes that will make this map more fun and viable. Some champions like Kassadin or Karthus or Hecarim or what not are in need of mana and blue buff. The new shrines will help recover quickly. They will give less health than mana. Small numbers though. New brushes placement... this is not a must, but it's nice. Fountain's turret has reduced range so people can't turtle hard and game is finishable when pushing to the nexus.

Hope you like it. For any suggestions, post here.

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Meh, i feel like that would turn the game into a more dominion/ARAM map like, where people can just infinite sustain on the health relics and would feel really dumb. If you're worried about mana problems just buy some mana regen/catalyst..