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Cannot Connect to PvP.net Server

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So I keep having this problem where in a game lobby I lose connection to the PvP.net server.
It causes me to do one of 3 things.
1. Lag out my switching of rune pages, masteries and summoner spells (Although I can still talk to everyone and see whats going on)
2. client completely stops working and riot tells me I've "disconnected from the PvP.net server" (thus I lose 10 elo if in ranked and leave the game lobby)
3. Lag out the whole client then when I log back in, I'm in the game with a random pick

Also, when this happens.
-> I do not lose connection to my internet (I can tell when I am on skype or vent)
-> When I try to log back in (sometimes) I get Connection failure messages
-> I get an error report over and over that asks me to send or not.
-> When I try to change my runes and stuff, I get a continuous loading page that eventually doesn't work and leads to error reports.

How can I fix this issue it is very annoying and I don't know anyone else who has this problem. I have a very expensive computer and very good internet. It would be neither of these things ( I don't believe it would be).