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wtf matchmaking

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Ok, me and a friend just played a normal draft 5v5, me and him duo queued and got 3 others(ofc) and there were 2 dodges before the match. they took renekton who i was going to top with and so i decided to go chogath, out fourth member however wasnt paying attention and grabed a 5th ap champion for our team. so i got into the match and went dorans blade, and i was solo top against 2 people, a draven and renekton. long story short, i roflstomped them and we won the match 29/3 and i was 11/1.

at the end of the game my and my buddy were amazed at the wtf'ness of this. our team of all lvl 30s was paired against a lvl 13 sion, lvl 14 draven, lvl 13 renek, lvl 19 yi and lvl 18 ziggs.i felt so sorry for them being matched against us, it was a completely unfair match.