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Is Hecarim good?

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Depends on your criteria of good and what champion do YOU normally play...

Me? I have a thing for spear users(breaks my heart to see Xin in his current state), and I make it a point to only play "un-nerfable" champions...Hecarim fits pretty solidly in my two preferences.

That said, he is a tad on the weaker side, no Xin Zhao weak, more like "awkward in here and there" weak. All of his abilities except R have some constraints implemented on them as though Riot was being incredibly cautious when designing him. His AA takes time to get used to, and he's....kinda "slow for what he is".

On the other hand, late late game once his build is complete, he's pretty good assuming your team can follow up to your initiation.(if they can't, you lose) He's no Warwick or Jax, but he's decent nonetheless once his build is done.