Elo Hell

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Just wanted to post because it is beyond epic.

First off I am still fairly new to the game and have been playing at the 1100-1250 bracket since entering the ranked queues. Recently I made a push with 12 straight wins which was part luck ill admit... well luck in the fact that I didn't get troll teammates. I started playing mid only for the most part and I am doing well in it for the bracket I am in (I have lost my lane once in about 20 games.)

However in the last 3 days I have played 11 or 12 games since going on a 12 game win streak and I have not been able to pick mid in any of these games and I have lost every single one of them. To make things better though the last 9 games I have had one player who was afk at the start of the match and either never returned or returned when everyone was past level 10 AND as if that is not enough in 6 of those 9 games we have had another person afk before they hit level 5.

I reported everyone of those players as I am sure most of the players in the game did as well but I am also pretty sure that none of them received any length of ban onto their accounts. Its extremely frustrating when you do well in a game and lose because you have 3 or 4 players and even more so when you go from around 1250 clear down to 1050 or below.

In short I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish Riot would do something about this. It's one thing if you leave during a regular game that holds almost no weight but to continually have players leaving ranked games should be uncalled for and should carry a harsher penalty in my opinion.

Also if anyone would like to play with me who is around the 1100-1300 bracket and believes they can push further please invite me as I have not duo queued more than a couple games and solo queue is getting nearly unbearable.