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Five Runeterrans heard the call of the League of Legends. Each knew it was their destiny to participate, but not just anyone could join the league. First, they had to prove their merit.

Today, we follow Shadze, a denizen of the dark lit streets of Noxus working his way up the corporate ladder of power.

Noxus gleamed a purple-green in the waning hours of what was considered daylight and Shadze spotted his first victim. A portly fellow travelling into the city. He appeared to be a merchant of no reputable standing.

Here, in Noxus, only the powerful were immune from crime. Shadze crept through the shadows using magic fashioned for an assassin such as himself. He was able to hop from shadow to shadow within a certain distance.

Shadze approached the man from behind, when suddenly, the man’s cloak flashed open for just a moment. The Sigil of Noxus glittered for only an instant, just long enough for Shadze to halt his assault. He was not powerful enough to take down this foe. But, why was the man hiding his identity? He could walk around in the open, day or night, and never be touched. Shadze followed to learn if any valuable information could be extracted from the Noxian official’s comings and goings.

The man travelled down street after street as if trying to lose any potential followers, but Shadze’s abilities made him the ideal stalker. Finally, the man stopped outside one of Noxus’ mansions enclosed by a steel-barred fence. The gate opened and the man stepped through while checking his surrounds. Shadze had one chance to get through the gate as it was closing, and he jumped through shadows to make it in time. At the last moment, he slipped through, barely dodging the clasps of the gate.

Before him stood several stone statues not visible from the street and a hedge maze designed to keep intruders lost until they could be found. Shadze took it all in stride. Ever confident, he went after the man; the shadows told him which way his prey went.

Shadze navigated the maze with ease until he arrived at the mansion where the Noxian official was entering through two large doors, each inlaid with silver crests of the Du Couteau family.

Shadze hesitated for a second. Would it be smart to stick his nose in their business? He didn’t have much influence in Noxus, so if he got caught, he’d be dead.

Shadze snuck around the Du Couteau manor and looked for an alternate entrance. There was no advancement in Noxian society without taking risks. He would be fine, he told himself. He’d broken into mansions before, even one’s magically defended. The magic Shadze drew from the shadows always worked around the straightforwardness of most enchants and often worked around their subtleties too.

Shadze spotted an open window on the third story of the mansion. It was the only way in so Shadze set to climbing up the side of the building. He shadow-stepped to a ledge on the second story. From there, he found foot and hand holds until he was peeking through the open window.

The room inside was dimly lit by a candelabra in the corner. Perfect, Shadze thought and called upon the shadows. He was instantly standing in the corner, opposite the light. A bed frame was silhouetted against the window side wall. Shadze froze, hoping no one was there. After waiting a few moments, he told himself to breathe. His prey was a few rooms away, so the shadows told him.

Shadze exited the room into a cramped hallway adorned with paintings and sculptures of Marcus Du Couteau, the Noxian general appeared to be staring right at him. A chill crept its way along Shadze’s back as he moved from shadow to shadow.

Upon reaching the door he needed to enter, he paused and placed his ear to the wood paneling. He couldn’t hear anything, and the shadows told him nothing. Only that his prey was within.

Should he open the door? Or, was there another way inside? Shadze couldn’t risk making his presence so explicitly known, so he travelled down the corridor until he found another room, one with a window. He climbed out and crept back towards his prey.

Once he was in position, he could see the Noxian official conversing with a shaded figure.

“When do we move?” The shaded figure asked. His voice was modified by magic.

“At your command, my Lord,” replied the dignitary.

“Good. I want you to report your findings to my daughter,” the shaded figure said. Shadze thought it could be General Du Couteau himself, but the general was dead, or missing. There was no way this was him.

“She has been summoned to the League for a dispute with the Demacians,” the official argued.

“Then go there and let her know! Be sure to tell her yourself. I don’t want anyone else to know,” the shaded figure replied. “That includes him,” and he pointed directly at Shadze. The Noxian official looked into the darkness and Shadze dropped from the ledge immediately.

The Noxian official jumped out the window after him. His cloak flew off and several wings sprouted from his body. He landed with a giant thud sending dust in a shockwave around him. He wasn’t portly at all; bulky and muscular would fit his description better.

Shadze knew he couldn’t overcome this foe with strength so he turned to run as he flung a dagger made of shadows at him. The dagger hit the official in his leg, but didn’t appear to cause any damage. Shadze headed back into the maze of hedges. Perhaps, he could outrun his pursuer.

It wasn’t long before he realized that wouldn’t happen. The Noxian official was bulky but not slow. He barreled through the hedges as if they didn’t exist. Shadze knew he was in trouble if the chase continued that way. He turned and flung a flurry of shadow daggers at the man. Several thudding sound told him he hit his target as he turned to dance from shadow to shadow.

The chase went on like that for quite some time. Shadze would turn and throw daggers at the man and then flee. Finally, Shadze reached the gate, and, with no where left to run, turned to face his pursuer. He was bloody where Shadze had hit him and his eyes shone red with fury. He dove head first at Shadze.

“Dumb,” Shadze said and shadow-stepped to the side. The dodge threw the man off balance and he flung himself head first into the gate which caused him to lose his bearings for half a second. All the time in the world Shadze needed to act. From the shadows he drew a wickedly curved shadow blade and sliced across the back of his assailant dropping him to the ground forever.

Shadze took a deep breath, put the shadow blade away and thanked his long time friend, the shadows, for the victory. But it was a short lived victory. The shaded figure from before was suddenly in front of him. Shadze materialized his shadow blade again, but he was too slow. Suddenly, he was falling to the ground; unconscious before ever hitting.

“You may become useful,” the shaded figure said with a hint of delight. He ordered his servants to take Shadze’s limp, yet still breathing body back to the manor.

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reserved for later additions

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