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Audio Stuttering

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happens to me, except sometimes the gameplay freezes or the game crashes

edit: I dont even have a soundcard, it's onboard audio

same here. Good to hear i'm not alone on this. The game never crash's for me but it'll will freeze half the time through the stutter. after the game freezes during an audio stutter (usually announcer stuttering) i get a message scrawled "trying to reconnect" for about 2 seconds then everything is back to normal. The audio stutter happen for about 10 seconds or less, and when one happens I usually have a few more after it. but sometimes the game runs flawlessly.

I've had this issue since january or longer. I've tried completely reformating my computer, new installs on lol, old audio drivers, new audio drivers, old graphics drivers, new graphics drivers. can't make it go away.