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Hi i just played game and lagged out and when i reconnected one enemy champion was invis for me and it happend 2 more times so people went from visible to invis and the otherway aroung it wsnt until the last 5 min of the game when i ould see everyone.

this wouldnt be a problem if i could restart the client because that usually solves it.(even though the other method should work)

But to my surprise it was a new menu after u click exit game. that said something like this:
If u leave u will get banned from future games. I dont know when this changed but anyways. that made me not want to restart and hoped that the client would work as i should.

But it clearly didnt.

I understand the need for that new menu screen but ****it i didnt like it anyways.
And many people thinks i am a moron for not restarting the client. but it clearly stated i would get banned if i exited..

anyways just wanted to let you know that if riots client buggs out if u lagg out u cant do **** about it. just sit back and relax to inivs nunu ulties and karthuses lay waste easy to dodge but hey try it when u cant see them or the ****ing attacks.

/Over and out

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You can still disconnect / reconnect they just don't want you leaving games. You wont get banned just for leaving if you come back.