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Who should I pick for my first 6300 ip champion?

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I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, as I only skimmed through some of the replies, but don't limit yourself to 6300 IP champions. My first few 6300 IP champions felt like a waste. IP does NOT equate to overall usefulness or champion strength.

I'd recommend buying multiple 450~3150 IP champions, unless you already own all, or a vast majority of them. There are tons of good jungler picks in the 450~3150 IP range as well. I for one have been enjoying Malphite jungle more than Lee Sin. Part of it is that Malphite gains damage from armor, so as I become more durable, I also deal more damage. It is also the case that many junglers buy gold/10 items such as Philosopher Stone and Heart of Gold. Philosopher Stone feels like a bit of a waste on Lee Sin, so while it might not actually matter, it bothers me to buy it on him.

Edit: Looked through the champion list real quick and picked out a few options for you. As far as cheap junglers go, I'd suggest Nunu, Malphite, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Warwick, Amumu. A few harder to use, but also quite potent if done right, Master Yi, Kayle, Alistar, Sion, Singed, Taric, Dr. Mundo. All of these champions are 450 or 1350, meaning you could buy 5 or more of them, with 6300 IP. The second list of champions I wouldn't suggest jungling if you aren't well versed in it, as they are much harder to do well with, while the six are pretty safe junglers with good ganking potential.

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So, thanks to the 10 win ip boost riot gave us, I've saved up 6300 ip, and I'm pretty excited to get a cool new champ. The main ones I'm considering are Lee Sin, Riven and Nocturne. Vladimir, Yorick, Shyvana and Darius also seem pretty good. Could someone give me some reasons to pick one of these? I'm kind of leaning towards picking a jungler, because it seems like the junglers can really change the tide of the game, among other reasons.
Also, somewhat on topic, what champions tend to get banned a lot in ranked, and are there certain champions that are nearly, if not always banned? I'd prefer not to pick someone who I'd never get to use in a ranked game.

I play Lee Sin regularly and would definitely recommend him, however he does have quite a high learning curve to him. When I first bought him I was overwhelmed by all the options and combos, etc. Once I had gotten used to him, I started to see why I bought him in the first place - he's a great champion. I'd only recommend buying him if you're willing to work with him and not ditch him after 3 games. He's not an easy champion to play but is incredibly versatile.

I can't say anything about Nocturne or Shyvana because I haven't played them, but since you mentioned you'd prefer to assume the role of a jungler to potentially change the tide of a game, I should throw it out there that Shyv's ganks are pretty bad.

Riven is a good solo top, good utility on her spells, high mobility, scales very well into late game.

Vlad is a viable mid or solo top, his passive makes him innately tanky. Lack of mana, short cooldowns on his damage skills, and uber sustain are what he brings to the table, plus an ult that helps drastically in team fights.

Yorick is a great counter to tons of champions. Really hard to deal with early on, then just gets tanky late game. Ult is incredibly useful too.

I'd advise against Darius, because once people figure out a surefire way to counter him in solo top then he'll be shut out hard and more or less useless.