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Intervention [Ezreal and Kayle short novel]

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The ceiling came rushing down like a vicious monster. The stones above his head roared in anticipation, and in a moment, the top of the tomb was on him. Ezreal gasped, too astonished to even curse. He extended his hand and called forth the arcane magic on the gauntlet, and the amulet on his palm shone and burned as it answered.

Suddenly, the yellow ether embraced him; his vision turned into a blur of gold. As the stones crushed against the floor, Ezreal came rolling a few meters ahead, the portal closing behind him. When his mouth tasted the earth and his eyes saw only the glow of his amulet, he knew he had escaped with his life.

Ezreal found his feet. He moved his gauntlet and the light on his palm illuminated the surroundings. He saw the rocks pilling up in front of him, touching the ceiling, covering what once was the entrance. “Kayle! Can you hear me?” Ezreal called to his companion. “I got trapped inside the tomb.”

It had been all so fast it took more than a heartbeat to recall what had happened. Kayle and Ezreal had been side by side when he heard the trigger on the floor, then the ceiling, then… Oh, no. “Kayle?! Do you hear me?!” No. No. No. Ezreal drew himself closer to the rocks. He could hear the faint sounds of the outside. “Kayle?! Are you there…? Kayle?! Please don’t tell me.”

There was no answer
Ezreal felt like throwing up… “Kayle!” Ezreal called for him again, removing the stones that had piled up. “**** that guy!” He held a boulder as big as a man and threw it towards the dark hallway at his back. “Kayle!! I’m going to save you!” He took another stone, twice his size, and hauled behind him. The stone made a sound and rolled into the darkness. One more, he said, grasping for air, his stomach twisting in revulsion. As he lifted another stone, he felt his fingers crack below the stone’s weight. It hurt, it hurt like hell. All his bones felt it. But he didn’t stop to care. Kayle was way worse, he knew. He couldn’t leave him. One more, Ezreal said, and I’ll find him with his silence and insolence and mystery. One more and I’ll find Kayle and we will laugh about this!

But Ezreal felt the others rocks move now. They shook and screamed and shook again. No, it can’t be… The wall was threatening to crumble his way. I’m going to die too if I don’t stop, he knew. ****! He couldn’t leave Kayle under the rocks. He could not… Ezreal punched the ground in frustration as he retreated; his hand bleeding; tears flooding his eyes.

It was his entire fault. He should have warned Kayle. He should have told him about the traps in the tombs of Shurima Desert. I knew about them, I have been here before a thousand times. But I didn’t care if Kayle knew, I didn’t care if he was ready, Ezreal reflected, removing the tears of his eyes. It was Ezreal’s entire fault; all his. I was so caught on Kayle’s presence, so annoyed by his silence and armor and wings, that I forget every other danger. If only Ezreal had made his companion wait outside of the pyramid as he had planned, Kayle would still be on the other side of the wall, finding a way to free him… He laughed at that thought. Fool, his own voice seemed to whisper. You’re a fool and you know why.

Yes, he did know. He knew Kayle would not take orders from him. The stubborn winged annoyance had said so himself. “I’m following orders, the same as you. I will protect you and evaluate you in your search for the artifact. I will speak only when needed and I’ll neither acknowledge your orders nor wishes. I follow direct commands from the League and from the League alone. Please, remember that,” Kayle had said at the Institute of War and Ezreal had remembered every word of it, as punishment of some sort. Kayle behaved and barked like a dog; a dog of the League; a self-righteous angel, a deaf and puppet armor with wings. Even in the Field of Justice he upheld every single command of his summoner, and Ezreal hated Kayle for that.

And I did little to change that, Ezreal reflected, daring to make a smile. I did not speak my mind. I did not speak during the travel from the Institute of War to Azor’s tomb. I did not say how much I hated his silence and wings and his covered face, nor did I warn him about the traps and dangers and treasures of the tombs. Fool, his inner voice repeated. And I did not allow Kayle to speak back to me. It was Ezreal’s entire fault; all his. If only he had stood up against the League’s proposition in the first place, that stupid and fascinating offer, Kayle would be alive.

Ezreal felt the rocks moving again. He retreated, fearing another slide. But what he saw in between the boulders made him rush to them again: a crimson and gold helmet, Kayle’s helm. He dug quickly and retrieved it. It was broken almost in half, with no trace of blood. He held it close for a second, trying again to get the tears away, and he let the helm bounce on the floor. “Kayle. You there?” His voice sounded like a silent prayer.

And suddenly, an armored hand emerged from the rocks, gold and red fingers extended. It was him! It was Kayle!

Ezreal held Kayle’s hand tightly as his fingers did the same. “Now!” Ezreal pulled with all his might. One pull. Nothing. Two. He was alive! Three. Nothing. Ezreal didn’t know if he was glad or sad anymore. He didn’t care. Four. Five. A rock came rushing down, big enough to crush him, but ducked and evaded it like it was nothing. Kayle was alive, that was what mattered! “One more!” Ezreal said, his numbed and broken fingers holding that precious armored hand. “…I’m going to save you!”

And Ezreal pulled with all the strength he could summon.

Kayle’s body accelerated towards him and hit him hard. Ezreal and Kayle rolled entwined on the floor; one on top of the other, dust and feathers rising around them. Ezreal felt his world spinning as the two of them separated from the slide and went dancing into the depths of Azor’s tomb, embraced as one. As the momentum died down, both stopped at a good distance of the rocks; Ezreal back against the hard soil, Kayle’s body pinning him down.

But when Ezreal opened his eyes, to try to see where he was, only golden strands filled his world. Blond hair, he realized, as the strands danced in the dim light of his palm, slowly revealing Kayle’s face. Blue eyes. Gorgeous blue eyes were looking down on him. “Thank you,” they whispered, in a voice so sweet that made Ezreal dizzy.

Ezreal raised a clumsy hand as his broken fingers followed. Slowly, he touched the outlines of Kayle’ face, those red lips, the reddened cheeks, that long golden hair. “…” Ezreal tried to speak, but all voice and thought was lost into those gorgeous blue eyes. The eyes that were looking at him “…You…” His heart was racing, faster and faster; his senses overflowing with Kayle’s presence. Those eyes, those gorgeous eyes. He… No. It can’t be. She… She was alive. “…You’re beautiful,” Ezreal replied, not knowing why.

This chapter was sitting on my HD since like forever, and I was going to finish all the chapters before posting. But I had to draw aggro from life and the whole novel paid the price.
So I'll post the first chapter in order to find the energy to do the other ones.

I also wrote a short story about J4 and Shyvana, maybe you guys will like it: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=1742246 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1742246)

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Good story.