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An Introduction and Setting Expectations

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They're both fun

There are some responses I've made in other threads that you may be able to dig up, but the gist of it is that we have no impending plans for ranked Dominion and that it rests on several issues being resolved first. I'm sorry, I can't go into much detail here. I know how important ranked Dominion is to you guys.

Nome, I've been playing for about 2 years and was very enthusiastic about Dominion. Currently the quality of gameplay, from my experience, has eroded due to the unfocused nature of gameplay in random q. I understand you are not in charge of matchmaking but for individuals that love competitive play there isn't a real outlet.

Our requests for a Riot approved ranked gameplay have been noted but we are not getting any real clarification regarding what a timeline looks like or what the issues are that is stopping this from becoming a reality. We as a community would be appreciative if there was some transparency here. It just feels crumby to be left in the dark.

If that is asking for to much, ok. But for the dominion community to thrive we need help.
Maybe we can do it ourselves.

Maybe we could set up a webpage where individuals who want to play competitive sign up and put in requests for other players for a 5 man team. Each player could designate Top, Bottom, or roaming (Or whatever designation would fit roles). We could set up a template where you would be pooled with other people looking for the same ratio such as 1 bottom 3 top 1 roaming. We could manually keep track of the win/loss ratio and use that to select people for the team. Each team could set up timeframe preferences such as Sunday 4-6 eastern. This could also be built into the matching preferences, we don't have to build the matchmaking system strictly on win loss ratios. Actually it can be optional. Then match up that team in our system with another team. A alert could be created which would email or text the player for a designated time window when the match is found.

If bots are allowed in league the bot could create a random custom room where its the spectator and both groups could join after entering the generated password.

After the game, before you could request a match for another game, you would need to enter your win loss. We could also build a player preference system where if you enjoy playing with someone and they are available you would be matched with them again. Similarly if you do not enjoy playing with someone you would not be matched with them.

This is of course a lot of work and if Riot gave us a timeframe we could avoid all of that. But realistically if it is going to be a year or more before we see ranked dominion I'd rather see something player created than nothing at all

Thoughts are appreciated.

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Senior Member


Hey RiotNome,

i hope i give here in this thread the right feedback.
I don´t want to make a thread here, specially about dominion, because it is alot of work (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1983104) to run a thread like this.
And i dislike threads that made in 3sentences, giving up in 1hour and 30mins and let the thread die.
On EU i play alot of Dominion and 2 small things are a tiny bit anoying.

1) Using a pot while chaniling a base will interrupt the channel.
2) Giving (the current!) Eve the comando to channel from distance, while she is out of stealth and get into stealth meanwhile she is running to the base you give your commando will let her stop running at the moment when she stealth herself.

I don´t want to give you feedback about balancing. Just a small feedback about "bugs".
Gona give you more feedback, will look 1st what you do with this.

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I thought riotnome would work with us and try to improve dominion, but I thik he prefers to play summoner rift I'm sad.

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Junior Member


Are there going to be new maps at all?

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Improving Dominion. Right. That happened.

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king herald 3

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I am wondering if you and the team are working into a better domion? I love it but its kinda old looking and was wondering if you were evey gonna maybe give it a rework? Move things around or just be awsome and let the community decide?

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I think you should add a jungle to the proving grounds and make the new twisted tree line a new map not taking over.