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King Cole

Junior Member


You can always get around thornmail with enough lifesteal. Thornmail isn't really a big deal

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Senior Member


It's allowed because Dominion balancing towards defenses is still ****ty. Every single defense item is broken, thus rendering ranged AD DPS the second weakest class to play, the first being AP carry.

List of counters to thornmail:
Sanguine blade + negatron cloak. To 'stop hitting yourself' : 3640. Only to counter the passive. Arpen sold separately. (EC + negatron cloak = 2090 but you still **** yourself up and do 0 damage to them.)

Last whisper. To remove IDDQD status on thornmail equipped characters: 2290. Now you deal damage, but your attack is a double-edged sword. derp.

So, you need a combination of 2~3 items that cost more than the thornmail, to effectively counter it. Some champs like ezreal have to avoid core items like Triforce because of this, causing them to be less effective.. And still, if they get any of the other derpy defense items (Warden's Mail, Frozen Heart, Randuinssssssss), all your effort is in vayne(HUEHUEHUAEHA).

They really need to rebalance the items in Dominion, but I doubt they will, because Riot doesn't take Dominion seriously.

I buy a thornmail, I am effectively defending myself from the AD ranged and maybe two others on their team. You get a LW or Sanguine/Negatron, you are increasing your damage to everybody or increasing damage to everyone, getting LS and protecting yourself from 1 or 2 people on my team plus the thornmail damage. Kind of seems like you are getting the more universal and sweeter deal.

Your point about Ez is valid but it's not just thornmail that would screw him, it's armor in general. The champions on dom aren't all balanced, it's not an issue of items. Still, I hardly think and EZ with a sheen, a LW, and maybe a phage would be ineffective if the player is good.