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Rebirth of a Hero (Corki and Urf Short Story)

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Zakur the Bright

Senior Member


This is my second fanfic ever, hope you like it! It tells how Urfrider Corki came to be.

Corki was on the Summoner platform, ready to be sent into battle. But he was sad. He had lame skins, and he was tired of his R.O.F.L. copter. The map was the Harrowing map. after getting 2 kills and 3 deaths, Corki was coming to gank top, when he came up to a gravestone. "Here lies Urf, The Manatee" Corki stopped reading, because he was surprised to find that Viegar found him and was attempting to stun him. He reached the safety of the tower, and recalled. The top tower was destroyed. Summoners were getting angry at Corki's summoner. Soon, top was pushed back to the inhibitor turret. The summoners were planning to slay Baron Nashor, so they sent their champions to do so. While heading there, Corki stopped by the gravestone again.
"Here lies Urf, The Manatee. Lost by Warwick, but never forgotten." Corki read it aloud, and suddenly a spirit rose from the gravestone. "Urf?" It said. "URF!" "Now what kinda flagged bogey is this?" Corki soon realized it was Urf. Suddenly he realized that he accidently bought a Guardian Angel, which wasn't a part of his build. As he was about to turn back and sell it, He turned around to Urf. "Why don't you try this shorty thing here?" He gave it to Urf, and the spirit disappeared. Suddenly, Urf, fully intact, rose from the ground. "URF!" It yelled. "There we go!" Corki got off his machine, attached his gatling gun on Urf, found an old saddle, and put on his missiles. Then he headed off to help kill Baron Nashor.
When Baron was almost dead, the enemy team came out of the brush and stole the buff. They then began to slaughter everyone. Corki decided that now would be the time to fight. He rushed in and shot a couple missiles and bullets at Viegar.
"Corki has slain Viegar!"
He flew over Urgot, dropping bombs.
"Double kill!"
He turned around, shot his bomb at darius, and started firing missiles again.
"Triple kill!"
Urf did a belly flop on Taric.
The only champion left in sight was Warwick. As soon as he realized Corki was riding Urf, he sprinted and called on his summoner to user his Ghost ability. Urf was out to get Warwick, and flew incredibly fast. With a final jump, and dropping bombs on Warwick constantly, Corki was able to finish him.
Suddenly Corki realizd that he was mid lane and the inhibitor turret was almost down. He took down the tower and inhibitor, and then let the minions take down the nexus turrets. Summoners cheered for Corki's summoner's incredible move. Corki flew in just as all of the enemy team respawned and finished the nexus just before they could have killed him.
"Heheheh..." Corki soon came up with an idea. Once he left the battlefield, he flew to Riot headquarters and requested a new skin.