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Boots of Swiftness, AD Garen.

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This is the proper way to build Garen, in ranked games and by blaming everything on the jungler or lag.

  1. You first start off as first pick. What you do next is call top Garen.
  2. Now that you have done this, the next part of how to play begins.
  3. You wait to see that the enemy team first picked Malphite, a champion that stacks armor.
  4. Now that you have accomplished this Vital step, you let the rest of your team pick bad picks.
  5. The Enemy team has a Warwick and some champions that are annoying to play against, do nothing and just wait until the game starts because it isn't your problem it is your team's.
  6. Now once the game loads and you see that Malphite is the enemy jungler you start off with a Doran's Blade.
  7. Now here's the most important part of the whole build, you feed the enemy top champion, jungler, and mid, because the mid summoner is apparently lagging and blaming everything on the Riot Servers.
  8. Once everything is done with, and your team is now Losing, you continue to build your Infinity Edge and Boots of Swiftness if you have the gold from stealing everybody's farm.
  9. After people start calling you out on your build you should proceed to blame the other lanes and Jungler because that is how the cookie crumbles.

If you lose, you're doing the build correctly because Garen shouldn't build complete glass cannon AD.

TL;DR: This is exactly how to build/play a sub-par top or any sub-par champion.