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Riot doesn't care about Ranked

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There should be a separate tribunal for ranked games, one that is much more aggressive against trolls in ranked. Riot needs to separate the reports from ranked and normals. Normals should be more lenient while ranked the opposite.

Example: person A gets reported 3 games in a row for intentional feed/harassment. Should be automatic temporary 3 day ban from ranked. Clearly if you are being reported 3 games in a row by more than 2 people, you are the problem.

If riot is serious about Ranked then things need to change. Riot needs to look at ranked game reports more seriously.

Why is eve still allowed in ranked, its like riot is promoting trolling. Riot clearly stated that eve is purposely underpowered because of stealth rework... yet they allow her in ranked as to say "here trolls, the perfect champion to make your team lose automatically."

If riot wants to promote a good fun gameplay then you NEED at least one type of game mode where ABSOLUTELY no trolling is allowed and you promote people trying there hardest, because honestly that is when you are having the most fun... when you are trying to win.