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Generic Rune Pages

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Hey Guys,
I am one of those noobs who only has 3 rune pages so I'm trying to make them relatively generic for AD, AP, Tank.

Page 1-For ad I have +25 Armor Pen and +16 AD@18 using armor pen quits.
My AD mains chars are WW, Garen, Ashe, and I'm learning Tryn, Yi, and Graves

Page 2-For ap I have +15 Ap, +19 AP@18 +3.4 Magic Pen, 7% CD Runes (I should replace CD with Magic pen?).
My ap mains are Veigar, Support Ali

Page 3-Tank- It's kind of clusterf!ck since I don't actually use this page much since I don't have good runes. When i tank it's usually Cho or Ali so I've been using my page 2. HP/5 and flat HP right now. I might turn this into a Garen/WW page using Move speed, AD, and Pen.

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Your main problem is that you want to make each TYPE of rune be as efficient as possible.

Armor Pen is great for red, but sucks for yellow/blue.
AP sucks for red, yellow, but good for Blue.

I'd recommend the following:

RED - 9 Armor Penetration, 9 Magic Penetration, 9 Attack speed (jungling,optional)

YELLOW - 9 flat armor. MAYBE 9 health per level for your AP mid page.

BLUE - 9 magic resistance per level. Useful for EVERYONE! MR is hardest to get and a free 26 MR @18 is a pretty big deal. Better than the flat 13 MR for most positions.

QUINTS: 3 Armor Pen, 3 Magic Pen OR AP (magic pen is more universally useful).