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Where can I find info about the LoL world Lore?

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I was wondering if anyone knew if there was an IRC channel out there dedicated to League of Legend Lore discussions, or, if anyone is interested in starting one? I'm fairly new to the community, I joined last November, and have only just now begun to delve into the rich history and back stories about all the various champions and regions.

Currenty I'm reading the wiki and checking out the Journal of Justice. Is this thing still being continue? I checked in the Lore section of the forums, but they didn't seem to contain threads about the backstories and histories of the champs. Seems that this place has more of that!

Anyway please send any pages or IRC channels my way that have information about the histories and such that have been created. I want more than just the blurbs that have been written for each champion.

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You'll find that a lot of the information in this forum is actually fan-made. We haven't been given any more info than what's available on either the forums, the JoJ, or the wiki. We just try to fill in the blanks ourselves. Hopefully convincingly.