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Gotta love trolls

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Viro Melchior



How does a player like this have 350 wins and not have earned a ban yet?
I never said a single thing offensive to him in game (worst I said was "I'm getting beat up top lane, can you please gank top more?&quot, and yet I received this kind of abuse for 15 minutes in-game, and until I closed the end-game chat afterwards.


Volibear: poor ryze
Pantheon: Report voli
Volibear: cant handle his lane
Pantheon: Troleld the **** out our ryze
Volibear: then cries about it
Volibear: not trolling
Volibear: im being honest
Volibear: he sucks
Volibear: and then hes gonna try and blame me lol
Pantheon: Doesn't make it necessary
Enemy Rumble: well rumble is a ***** to lane against
Pantheon: to say it over, and over.
Volibear: go play a different game
Volibear: he didnt have to
Viro Melchior: I wasn't blaming you for my performance idiot
Volibear: cry all game either
Viro Melchior: I was saying "i'm getting ganged up on, some ganks would be nice"
Viro Melchior: and then you have the audacity to tell me how bad I am, when I swapped lanes FOR PANTHEON
Volibear: u
Volibear: can
Volibear: buy wards
Volibear: true story
Viro Melchior: I woulda raped karthus
Enemy Rumble: you got ganged up on?
Viro Melchior: I did voli
Viro Melchior: rumble
Enemy Rumble: i got 5 man ganked like 3 time
Enemy Rumble: :P
Viro Melchior: count the ganks you got from malphite
Viro Melchior: plus ults from karthus
Volibear: ignore ryze
Viro Melchior: vs the 1 time voli ever made it top
Volibear: hes just full of excuses
Volibear: just play
Volibear: neo pets
Viro Melchior: I swapped to help our pantheon
Volibear: or somethin
Volibear: much easier
Volibear: holy hsit
Volibear: lkmaooo
Viro Melchior: I hope you get your ban fast voli
Volibear: u hav 1k wins
Volibear: what do u do with ur life
Volibear: hahahaha
Volibear: and u suck that bad
Volibear: jesus
Volibear: find a new hobby
Volibear: collect
Volibear: stamps
Volibear: or something