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New way to enjoy game.....

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Stop caring AT ALL.
I cant care in normals anymore, it is just too disappointing.
When bot loses lane both turrets and is down fifteen(YES 15)kills in under 12:30, what is the point in that ? And you know they wouldnt surrender at 20, game went to 36 minutes something like 5-60.
I died 2 times(or was it 3, cant recall atm).
SO I just say fuk it, and try to have fun.
We still lose, but I care a lot less about the outcome.
Once in a while I get decent teams, and Ill put a decent win streak together, but I always dread win streaks, because I know the MM will come back to fuk me over, and put me in games with kids who have under 100 wins(this is after winning 7-8 games in a row), just one particular match I recall, our team, me p1 600wins, p2 98,p3 112,p4 198,p5 122...opposing side....p1 654,p2 243,p3 330,p4 554,p5 442(I actually wrote it down, I was going to post about it and then...), and I see it all the time.
I know there is some sort of system they are trying to use, but it makes so little sense to me as to appear totally random, and irrelevant.
There is my QQ, hope you've enjoyed it, please comment as you normally would.

TLDR: just stop caring about winning, game is more fun.