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Team Tri-Lane Recruiting

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Im Ted and I KS

Senior Member


A new team Team Tri-Lane is looking for members who can put good timing into practicing to play as a team and getting better. Solo-queue elo is not taken into consideration when picking members for the team. We are open for all roles and most likely will use skype as our main communication method.

Team Tri-Lane is going to specialize in really working together as a team, and that means playing together as much as possible. An individual's skill level hardly matters in a game that relies so strongly on teamwork such as League of Legends. Our goal is to get as close as we can as a team and start to know eachother's play styles, positioning, and actions in team fights. Fun, easy-going individuals will always be a plus because attitude is a huge part of being successful in LoL.

If you are interested in joining please feel free to post on this thread and add my skype account "super0wned" and answer the following questions:
What roles do you play best at?
Do you have access to skype/ are you willing to download it?
Who are your best specific champions?
Are you willing to put some time into practicing as a team?
Are you willing to be open minded, kind, and willing to adjust your game play to meet the teams needs?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
*Edit* My IGN name is "Im Ted and I KS" add me on there as well.