Summoner icons idea

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solomon hungry

Junior Member

2 Hours Ago

I think an easy and awsome way to bring A lot of personalized icons to players would be champion specific icons. that way a person could show everyone who their favorite champion is the icon would be a symbol for that champion example vaynes icon could be a crossbow or rivens could be her blade ext i really think this would be cool ESPECIALLY if to get that icon for that champ you had to earn it rater than just buy it say a certain number of wins or games played,kills,assists ext or if you really wanna make it interesting only when they get a Pentakll do they get it.i feel like icons should show achievments rather than just showing that you can buy things or play a role in team builder. to insure the integrity of this system you could make it to where it only counts in ranked games in case you're worried about people just trading pentas for them. i think its a good idea. id love any feedback,thanks