State of support gold gen item balance

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I'm terms of gold generation in lane, all 3 items are now relatively balanced.

However, by midgame and late game, having Talisman (Shurelias) is almost a must since out of the 3 it has by far the strongest active. That's why you always see it in competitive tournament matches. The active from Frostqueen is always weaker in comparison. And although Targon health shield is strong, Talismans 5 man speed buff is generally more useful.

I think Talisman's active should be relooked at in balance with the other 3 items. In my opinion Talisman's active should be swapped out with that from Mikaels crucible with a weaker heal and shorter cool down. This would probably place it on par with the other support items when it comes to late game? Mikaels, perhaps with reworked stats and cost, would serve as the new Shurelias.

Frostqueens should be buffed I think to also slow attack speed by a small amount (25% or so) and made to also work on turretss. This way it can act kind of like Ohmwrecker.

Dunno what you guys think.

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I am not sure about your suggestions, but the important point is:

In nearly every case the coin is superior due to the final item's active. The others can't compete. Riot fix pls.