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Rune/mastery Suggestions for a poor beginner Ryze.

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Hello fellow summoners!

I have played support for a long time, and I really enjoy it a lot.
But I think it would make me a better LoL player, if I could play more roles.
So I looked at some of the champions I found coolesat, and decided which one I wanted to learn to play.

The choice was Ryze!

I've read about him and his mechanics today, and now I'm really pumped to learn to play him.

I've learned that movement speed is an important part of playing Ryze, and most guides I've read suggests that I take movement speed quints.
They also suggest thay I also take either mana runes,or HP+flat Mres.
They all seem to agree that MPen marks are the best on him, though.

Guides also suggests many different mastery builds.

My big issue is that the only runes of those I've got, is the MPen marks.

I start playing Ryze today, and I will use him to farm the IP needed to buy the right runes.

So today I've spent alot of time wondering about how to play him the most effective way that I'm able to at the moment.

I've discovered that my movement speed in lvl 1 with boots should be approx 380-390.

Therefore I've designed a mastery page that gives me almost enough movement Speed, but I can't figure out if this is a good choice, since it limits the mastery paths and benefits.
It requires me to go deep both in defense, and somewhat deep in utility.

I can't find out if this is a good idea at all. And if it is a good idea, do you think I should put the last points into spellvamp/exp/mana regen in utility, or ability power and cooldown reduction in offense?

The temporary Runes I've choosen is:
AP quints
Armor Seals
MRes pr lvl Glyphs
MPen Marks.

The other Runes i currently have is:
Mana Regen Glyph and Seals
Armor Marks
Gold pr sec Quints.

I know this is not the optimal runes, so I want to stress that it is a temporary solution that I'm looking for.

Current masteries is posted bellow

Discussions and suggestions are received gratefully

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Here they are

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Ryze really does NOT need any special rune pages. The standard mage stuff works fine (except you dont want lots of AP)

RED - magic penetration. nothing unusual here.

YELLOW - flat armor is fine, or Health per level (as ryze gets lots of armor/MR but not as much health)

BLUE - Magic resistance per level is ideal. He will be vs enemy AP most of the time.

QUINTS - lots of options. Move Speed is likely best. Spell Vamp sucks early game (2 health for every 100 nuke damage done is awful...). AP is ok but Ryze does better with mana items offensively. Max health is decent.

This setup is great for most magical damage champs. Not all magical damage guys scale with tons of AP. Look at malphite. This setup works great for him too, and he doesnt even take AP at all usually. Ditto with an AD Katarina for example. She still does mostly magical dmg.

As for masteries, you have several options:

I prefer 2-21-7. I take +4 minion dmg for easier last hitting from offense. 21 defense gives me more health, armor, MR, movespeed, 8.1 CDR @18. 7 util gives me more max mana, 1.5% movespeed.

You start with boots and 3 health pots. Youve got 4.5% MS already, and 3 MS quints give 4.5% more! That makes you fast enough to dodge enemy mid skillshots, get in, nuke, get out.

Then you get your Tear, negatron, catalyst, glacial shroud, banshee, then whatever from there.