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Good Solo Top Counter?

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Not really, Riven is actually an okay lane for Kayle. Unlike Lee Sin, who, when he lands his stupid orb, can dash directly to you (and likewise escape Kayle's greatest strength, the slow+e instantly), Riven can only dash in your general direction (and you can usually get in a few hits before she is out of range). So when you see her starting to run in your direction, you can just back away. You can deny her cs so hard with your e; by the time Riven can afford a brutalizer, you will have outfarmed her.

It is fairly even though, in my opinion, and comes down to skill. A skilled Riven will punish Kayle for making a mistake; Kayle is by no means a hard counter to her.

This guide (http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=22452) is pretty good for solo top Kayle, and lists almost all encounters. While I disagree with some of it, notice how Riven is classified as 'easy'.

Even if she gets to her 6 it wouldn't matter they can tower dive easily and just poop on her.

Towerdiving a Kayle low on health at tower rarely ends well for those who try. Baiting by delaying the ultimate is standard for Kayle; even if they do manage to kill you, they will most likely be killed in return by the turret if they decide to commit; those 2 second invincibility really screw them over.