So it isn't exactly art...

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With all the recent server down time I decided to do something worth while rather than just stare at the queue. So I wrote a sonnet with my favorite champion in mind. I call it:

The Rat Man

From Zaun’s foul sewers came the hero Twitch,
His skin of plague, and dangerous magic wrought.
A rat who by strange potion was bewitched,
And was from then on capable of thought.

Forlorn and lost, no family of his own,
A plan hatched to see his cousins grow.
He long dreamed upon his a gutter throne,
To no longer live a life of woe.

In search of that from which he was made,
His mother, Zaun, offered him a chance.
Cross bolt with spear and wit with iron blade,
And his wildest dream they would finance

To fill the hole in his lonely heart,
Twitch would unveil his most deadly art.