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The fetal defeat position

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The fetal defeat position as I call it is a stance a player or team takes that guarantees a loss....

I've played LoL for quite a long time, about 3 years, and I can see this happening in matches in both normal and ranked.

whats 'The fetal defeat position' you ask?

its when your team stops pushing lanes mid game and collectively decides to farm HOPING that their gear improvements will turn the tide. this of course is only a piece of turning the tide in a match.

its also when your initiators and teammates in general run from fights at every turn because they feel they can't win a teamfight.

another warning sign is when your team calls for 'def' or 'defense' after losing a teamfight and they don't counteract defeat by placing wards or breaking enemy wards. essentially they don't bother to counter enemy tactics.

I should note that you don't have to be losing for the 'fetal defeat position' to occur.

9/10 times when you see this it means your team should surrender because you're screwed because collectively your team has given up trying to win.

how do you counter something like this?

go against the grain is a lose phrase of what you need to do:

1. Take charge - it may seem like you're being bossy, BUT this can help counteract the recessive actions of your teammates. most people in LoL are more apt to follow than lead so in a rough situation like this, your teammates can recover if you take charge.

2. ward - for all that is holy (corny huh?), WARD! wards are like the most overpowered item in the game, seriously. lets take a look: for 75-125 gold, you get 3 mins of visibility in a area that lets you have a risk-free scout to watch for enemy players. yes a ward can be destroyed but your enemy has to spend 125-400 gold to get rid of it.

so when your team is in the 'fetal defeat position' ward, this will help your team better plan their attacks; even if they end 5v1'ing it builds confidence collectively for your team and pulls them out of that darned position.

I should also say, EVERYONE wards because its spreads the cost evenly and map awareness and winning teamfights is > that shiny bloodrazor you're saving up for :P

there are other ways, such as a pep talk, that can save your team and that match, but honestly I can't think of them atm :P.

I felt it was necessary to bring my concern with this "affliction" on certain players that have made me and others lose more games than we could imagine.

So to all you LoL players out there avoid the 'fetal defeat position' at all costs.

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Another thing to do if you are far behind is actually to build snowball items, Mejais, Occult.


Think about the item for a second, think about the game scenario, you are way behind, you could ace them twice, and still be behind, your only shot is to buy a snowball item, wards, oracles, clear your jungle or theirs, try to pick them off, a snow ball item adds 400 gold to your kills, you already know that 1 or 2 kills isnt gonna be enough to get the win, so you are going to need LOTS of kills, mejais/occult can help you there, you pick up 8 stacks boom now you are much stronger, so when you do get in a teamfight, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of winning that fight.

Give it a thought.