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Venting about the elo system

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XD Wayne

Junior Member


Warning: This thread may contain a form of QQ, viewer discretion is advised.

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

The current Elo system is somewhat getting on my nerves. I do realize that everyone had to go through the low elo stage, but honestly, there is no way to escape the migraines it offers. Every game i play, i try my best and yet there's individuals that just have to ruin the game (ragers, afkers, trolls etc.). I feel as if i am cursed with having the most vile people on my team in every que i join, which leads to constant losing streaks. It has become so bad that i have begun criticizing my team for their mistakes which i do not like doing and never have done before, considering that i do not like to be rude to strangers (Note: when i criticize people, i do not mock them but inform them on how to improve).

Now i started playing ranked games as a support since i felt that i was strong at it. I then realized after my first 20 games i was not getting anywhere with my elo considering i did not make much of a presence as a ad carry or mid would. So, i decided to change my tactics and play as either ad carry or mid. I was happy because as soon as i changed my play style i began to have winning streaks. Then out of no where BAM! I get these vile people on my team once again and now im back at square one, having constant losing streaks.

Now alot of you people may be saying: "you have to carry your team to expect to reach a higher elo". But i am afraid that it does not work when you do not have a team in the first place. Believe me, i have won 4v5's a few times, but that is only when i have people who are actually trying their best. In my case i find this rare sadly.

You may post how you feel about the current elo system and even offer some advice on how to escape this low elo nightmare. Please do not post any form of flame. Constructive criticism is accepted.

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Is it possible that you best isnt good enough?

I main support and I did the 1200-1900+, ive fallen from 1900 because i suck but low elos its very easy to carry even as support.

You dont HAVE to play as soraka,taric,janna plenty of other good supports that can carry easier, Gangplank, Sona, Anivia(Yes, Anivia) Poppy, Jarvan, hell just go AP alistar and give zero f-ucks about everyone