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Dear Riot,

I hate to add to the long lists of complaints that seem to be flying around lately but I have had a couple of beers and rather feel like I'd like to put my share in.
First off, I understand that I in no way understand what goes into launching and maintaining a server/patch. I'm sure having things falter is as frustrating to you guys (I hope so anyways) as it is to the gaming community that you have following you. This is also where I must diverge from a good chunk of that gaming community.
I'm guessing that these Que times are as first come first serve as a free game should be but I must say that I have put more money into this game than any other game in the history of my gaming "career" and I know that some around me have done the same and imagine that many more have too. The amount that I, personally, have put towards your game ranges in the multiple 100's.
This isn't meant to be a bragging point. This is how ever the point of this post. When it comes to server side issues like this (all be it the first real big one and here's to hoping that it's the last) is there a way to select priority in the Que line when you are letting only so few on at a time? I have waited through 3 hour Que just to find that when it was my turn to play I was turned away back to the end of the 3 hour Que again.
As I stated before I haven't a clue as to what goes into running and maintaining an online game and I don't mean to alienate any of the gamer crowd. I'm glad for every person that joins and makes gaming bigger (I just wish people would be a bit more respectful to each other though)
This is just food for thought and my ramblings.