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GOOD Gaming ( recruiting )

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Sup beautiful people, here to recruit some lovely peeps. I'm at 1500 elo and looking for people with the same rating.First off the team is not that SERIOUS(1500) but i created this team because i got tired of solo Q..and running into trolls/bad players.Having people on the team roster with the same Elo should make league a much more enjoyable experience etc..running into less trolls. We would be playing lots of DUO Q.. even pre-made Normals to pub stomp for fun.. maybe 5v5 ranked..who knows.

Benefits- DUO Q/ Pre-Made NORM/ 5v5 RANKED/ Skype/ Improve as a team/ Less TROLLS/ Organized/ Less Rage/ No FLAMING/ FUN trolling games (pub stomp ) as a team if we are "good".

GOOD Gaming ( GDGG )
Communication:SKYPE/ Maybe TeamSpeak if i can set up one.
..feel free to inbox my email if you're interested in joining!
Email: [email]i27tony29@yahoo.com[/email]

BTW- Need UPVOTES to stay visible in forums full of post PLZ!