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There has been a recent rise in disconnections in LoL. I have also concluded that the patch accident not too long ago, might still be amidst and not fully repaired. I somewhat think it's "only me" and I am somehow affecting the others, since the disconnecting has been more onto my allied champions while playing. I haven't really reported anyone lately about disconnecting, its not really their own fault about it.

Even so, I have disconnected over 15 times in one game recently, while my whole team got less then that and disconnected right after sometimes. (Can't believe we all won the game, even after we all dc'ed.) My last recent game had 5 players. I was soloing top, while team got ganked at jungle. After 10 minutes or so in playing, one disconnected. Then he came back, then dc'ed right after. Then after a short while, another one of my allied champions dc'ed. So now the game was 3 vs 5. It was soon 2 vs 5 since another one of our players kept disconnecting and connecting with another allied champion, and then finally one of them connected for good. We were surviving a slaughter for a while, until one of our champs disconnecting like the last champ connected, making it 4 vs 5. Being lower leveled and not farmed, he/she was feeble. My team then, after taking too many deaths, decided to surrender. Good game though, the enemy was good. I wasn't hating. c:

If anyone has seen recent disconnecting, like "above" usual, please comment on what you know.

P.S. Here's a score sheet of the game for the hell of it, I know some of you are interested or curious. Not giving away champion names though, keeping it on the "hush-hush".


Alistar (Me): 3/4/2 (Exhaust/Clarity)

Pantheon: 1/7/1 (Smite/Flash) [The one who disconnected first.]

Volibear: 4/2/1 (Exhaust/Ghost)

Twitch: 0/2/2 (Flash/Ignite) [The one who connected late, as said earlier.]

Xin Zhao: 1/4/0 (Exhaust/Ghost)


Rammus: 0/1/10 (Ignite/ Flash)

Shaco: 4/2/7 (Exhaust/Smite)

Ziggs: 6/3/5 (Clarity/Flash)

Twitch: 2/2/2 (Ignite/Flash)

Yorick: /6/1/5 (Flash/Ignite)

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the 6/20 patch is causing a lot of people to bugsplat and d/c out of games. some people can't even get into a game

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waited two hours to log in finally logged in gonna play a game. internet goes out have to re login good night all.