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Riot...Worst than Windows Surface presentation?

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Im just bored and I know problems do arise from new patches but I do believe on back ups and if im doing something new and the server crashes I will do the best for backing up to a previous version and work the bugs locally but I understand the developers because most of the time the shareholders will push so hard to keep the income coming(Pulsefire EZ) that won't provide enough time for testing and debugging... On the long run that ****s u back in the ass just like how its happening this week.. Hope you guys have some sort of system so you can learn from your lessons...

Just so the forums can have some fun compare this with what happened to windows surface presentation... Who do you guys think is worst?

Oh well **** happens at least the internet is full of other games but i just wanted to play with my skins and buy the ez skin...

Just show corporate the mess they made for pushing something that is not ready and give yourselves more time for testing... I don't care if you don't give me weekly updates if u maintain the servers in top notch... **** updates and new chars why I want em when i can't even use the old ones...

Later.. P.S. i dont give a ....... for my spelling mistakes...