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German player Looking for a Clan

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Hello, my name is Dion and live in Germany.

Well, the first time i played League of Legends I played on the GOA Version the Eu-League of Legends. Since it had alot of bugs and lagged too much I started playing on the US-Server.

The problem is: I live in germany and it is hard to find german people on the US-Server.
I also feel a bit lonely as soon as I play League of Legends ^^!
I worked hard to become a good player on the US-Server, but since I have heared that the EU-Server switched to RIOT many players say i shall go back to the EU-Version instead of breaking their US-Server. 0o Somehow weird but no I will not switch!!!

Now with this post (since i feel lonely) I am trying to find a Clan.
The best would be if somebody could invite me into a germany Clan with Teamspeak 3.
I also do not mind if English speaking people invite me but it is important that we have quite the same time and not a difference of 8 hours ^^! Either german or english speaking people (if you do not mind my bad english skills).

I am lvl 30 and most of the time play Annie (Other champs: Ryze, Malzahar, Ezreal, Akali, Rammus)

xO Now I can just hope
Time: (UTC +1) [post created at: 11:52pm]
the difference to PDT(-8) are about 8 hours.

now you can compare =O and think about replying to this post.

I will try to answer any questions!

Thank you for reading


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Junior Member


Greetings Dion.

I don't have a lot of what you asked for, but I do speak little German and looking to play some games if you're interested, but my time zone is a bit far from yours; UTC-05 Eastern Time. I tend to play more tank/support. I am part of an english speaking clan and can ask them if we are taking more members. Add me if you would like to play some.


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Junior Member


http://bbh-lol.enjin.com/ schau mal bei uns vorbei wir sind ein deutscher clan auf dem US server