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possible protocol for leavers who come back at 25

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how about when someone leaves a game and reconnects, in order to not get a Leave they have to stay for at least as long as they were gone? if the game ends before that time is reached, they should get a Leave.

far too many people have been leaving when they die three times in a lane only to come back at 25 minutes to surrender and not get a Leave. luckily for me they've mostly been on the other team, but it still hurts to see justice evaded. if this protocol were implemented, if they left at the 15 minute mark and came back at 25, they'd have to stay till 35. If the game ended before that, either by surrender or defeat, they would get a Leave.

If somehow the leaver's team managed a 25 minute victory without them, I think they should still get a leave.

I only see a few potential problems with this:

1) if someone truthfully has a connection problem right at the end of the game and is gone for ten minutes but then comes back and wins in five, they would get an undeserved Leave

2) maybe the leaver's team would want to surrender at 25 but the leavers would come back at 25 and say no till 35, potentially forcing the people who stayed to play 10 more minutes in a doomed game

I don't think either of these problems (or both combined) are worse than someone leaving and coming back at 25 minutes to surrender and not get a leave