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Shen Starting Item List

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I'm interested in what fellow Shen players pick as their starting item(s).

Personally, go 1(Improved Exhaust)/21(Nimbleness)/8(Awareness) with Exhaust/Ghost, Armor Pen Marks, Hp/Level Seals, MR/Level Glyphs, Flat Hp Quints.

Initial Items
1) Ruby Crystal
2a) Upgrade Ruby Crystal to Heart of Gold
2b) Get Boots 1

Enemy Team Makeup Item
3a) If balanced enemy, Get Aegis / Mercury Boots (or Boots of Swiftness if they don't have a lot of cc)
3b) If physical, get Warden's Mail / Ninja Tabi (Yes I know it doesn't really synergize with passive) (or Boots of Swiftness)
3c) If magic, get Force of Nature/ Mercury Boots

Filling out core items
4) Get Aegis if you haven't already gotten so, Get Warden's Mail and upgrade to Randuin's Omen. (Now you can shadow dash taunt and AoE slow for 3+ secs!)

Luxury Items
5) Guardian Angel / Sunfire Cape

I've seen some guides suggesting Regrowth Pendant -> Warmog's Armor, I tried it, but you snowball too slowly and you need to spend more time farming instead of being involved in team fights.

I've also seen many Shen players pack Ignite. Occasionally that will help you net a kill/assist (and shut down healing), but I've felt that exhaust can be used to also help your team net a kill/assist + it can save your teammate. However, Exhaust's cooldown is 210 seconds (3.5 mins), while Ignite is 120 seconds (2 mins)

What are your builds?

~ Nivled

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Senior Member


I take exhaust and flash. exhaust for the extra bit of cc and early game kills. flash for both offensive and defensive purposes combined with ur shadow dash can get away from most situations.

masteries: 1/21/8 taking improved exhaust and experience and regen in utility.

i start with boots and 3 hp pots or 1 pot and a sight ward if jungler. Then build into sunfire or banshee depending on team comp and get the other later. Next atmas impaler and then guardian angel

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ghost > flash most of the time, and the masterie is easy to pick up.

i start with boots too, to get a better position for a taunt.

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Junior Member


I also run a ruby crystal into heart of gold early for the extra money
and generall buy a sunfire cape as first item as it scales better early game. After which i build armor/magic resist based on enemy team composition...grabbing an aegis as early as possible

I like to take ghost as shen to help chase down enemies for my team and taunt.
My second summoner spell depends on team...if no fortifies, ill grab one. If not i grab teleport. Teleport+shens ultimate allows for crazy map control.

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Junior Member


I generally take Doran's shield + health pot or Regrowth Pendent depending on the expected damage types. Regrowth usually becomes a Force of Nature late game, upgrading is low priority although i will get the MR component if merc treads are not enough to keep me from getting burst down by fed AP casters.

Occasionally i will start with basic boots and 3 health pots and rush a sunfire cape.

I almost always use the enhanced Exhaust and Ghost summoner spells, and use a 13/16/1 mastery split, this gives a strong early lane presence and adds to his chasing and escaping ability. The offensive mastery points are not critical but I find the extra magic and armor penetration helps make him more of a threat.