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2 Possible Bugs

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The first one is with Disable Login Music. I personally have this option checked (no sound at login). Since the last patch has made login queue times be over an hour, I have noticed that as I open up an internet window and start doing other things I will randomly start hearing music. I switch over to LoL and just uncheck the box and then recheck it. This fixes the issue but the bug might still want to be looked into. If the music is on a loop it might start playing after the first loop is finish but I'm not 100% sure.
The second bug... I don't remember why but a few times within the last few days I've unplugged my head phones during a game or during champion selection. A first I thought it might be my hardware or something but if i minimize the game and change my volume, I hear it changing. To fix this issue I would just go to the sound options and disable the sound and then just re able it and the sound would be back on.

Not sure if these are true bugs or not but I just wanted them to be known to Riot. Neither affect game play that much if at all.

Thank you.