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[Game Variant] Good Yordle Hunting

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The game is a basic 5v5 where all members of all teams have to remain engaged in fighting, no hiding in the Nexus spawn outside of regaining health and stuff like that.

Each team MUST have a Teemo, the Teemo player has to remain engaged in the fights like every other team member, they can freely move like anyone else but can't just sit around and be invisible for elongated periods of time, the point of the Teemo is to taunt and kite and just be a pest to the other team.

The point of the game is to kill the opposing Teemo 10 times, once you have killed him 10 times, you can start playing a normal game of dominion, capturing points and the like.. but the opposing team CANNOT stop you until they get 10 kills on the Teemo they are trying to get at. Teemos cannot capture Dominion points, and must remain mobile in the middle area.

The winner is determined by who can win the game of dominion after getting those 10 Teemo kills.