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Twisted Fate - Looking for Group.

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I just started a new account after hitting a level Twenty Three account (Playing mostly Shaco, Rammus, and Morgana) and realized I didn't have enough IP to really purchase all the runes I needed.
On this new level 9 account I've played as Twisted Fate, I like to lane with a melee if possible (Blitz,Fiora, & Malphite are best with me so far), but I am decent at mid. When I do mid I typically don't get a kill against the person in my lane (TF isn't exactly consistent High Damage output, I can do 1/4 of somethings health every 5 seconds but have to be careful), but I also typically do not die. I'm good with his Ultimate, I'm solid at attack via back door tactics during a team fight or showing up at just the right time to get the Gold Card Stun off for a team gank. I play Twisted Fate as if I get touched I will die, but will get caught in a miss click attack every now and again trying to get a stun off to escape. I've found he is a very very weak Solo Champion so very rarely will I target a single champion and go for a kill (Ashe is probably the only exception to this). I've gotten pretty good at predicting enemy team movements, very rarely will I miss an MIA, and I will always ding a retreat signal if I suspect a gank coming or suspect a hidden enemy champion - well ahead of time maybe a minute to 30 seconds before they gank (better safe than sorry). My record isn't so hot, but I haven't found any one to really play the game with nor have I ever skyped with some one in the game (I do not have a mic but I will listen in). Mostly people expect me as Twisted Fate to be extremely OP and be able to kill/push anything - This is a terrible misconception of the character, he is not a carry, he is not OP, he can push but usually the other team isn't all that afraid of TF pushing. TF is a character that requires Patience (Send out Wild Cards back away, wait for my Tank to pick a target Stun that target with Gold Card, back away, Throw Wild Cards, rinse repeat). Generally I die either because of a miss click or because of another champion trying to back door where I am trying to back door (like I said, I get touched I die, there really isn't an escape utility for TF he's a slow moving champ and his ult's casting time dis-ways me from using it when running away). I don't get a lot of kills, however I do get a huge amount of assists. I feed my team, I'd rather they get the kills and I get the stuns. Plus whenever I do get a kill with TF I'm accused of Kill Stealing, its never my intention to do that, I just throw the cards if they hit and some one dies cool, if they miss, bummer, I'm not chasing - you never really know whats up a lane.

Right now I try to follow this build
http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=18800 (http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=18800)
I switch between getting Lich Bane or Rabadon's Death Cap after Sorcerer's Shoes (Doran's Ring before those) and I always start with Wild Cards - Always. 2nd level goes to Pick a Card 3rd level goes to Stacked Deck and after that I max Wild Cards putting points into My Ultimate and Stacked Deck if I can't put points into Wild Cards. I use Ghost and Teleport as my Summoner Abilities but later on I would like to use Flash/Teleport (So I can be at any point of the map at any time).
What I'm working on:
-Getting the Blue Buff once Stacked Deck is maxed and using an Elixir of Brilliance in order to reduce the cool down of Wild Cards to 3 seconds over all. I've yet to really mess with it, but I feel as though this will make me a marginally greater threat.
-Getting Away from characters that can SLOW - Its difficult but doable. (TF will NEVER repeat NEVER get away from an opposing character that can stun, more than likely he will just die even with the Quick Silver Sash I'd rather get the item built from Catalyst the Protector especially if facing a Warwick based Team I also enjoy getting Zhoran's Hourglass just to waste the other teams abilities in a team fight - I'm always the target).
-Exclusively Playing this Character in order to be viable in high summoner level games.

Lol this is lengthy.
Any way, I won't be reading this forum topic after I post as I'm sure a lot of people will flame my playing style or just flat disagree with me. I'm not looking to make an argument, this is the character I like to play, and my opinions on him along with weaknesses I've seen with the character are in my post so the people who do want to play with me know exactly what they are getting into. Feel free to message me or send a request in game on the chat's friends list. I'm looking to get better with this character, better at playing with people on this character, and over all just progressing my play style to a point that is beyond comfortable.

Have a great day every one,
enjoy or don't enjoy the post,
much love,
- Kalidascope.