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Champ Selec Banning System Viable?

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7a2ak sermeye

Junior Member


A -voteremake or a -voteban1 would have a good influence on the overall LoL game experience... Taken from what i saw in Dota's Ranked Gaming Client, this idea suggests a system during champions select (mostly in draft-pick) that permits to ban someone from the queue, because of the fact it seems he will ruin the game.

Example: -voteban an evelynn with revive and promote
-teemo with smite
-garen with clarity etc etc clearly someone who enters the game to purely troll the sad face of the other 4 players...

As for what happens to the banned player, let's just apply the queue-dodge penalty...

Also this should be applied on higher summoner levels, to avoid ripping the chance of an unskilled summoner that clearly doesn't know what he is doing, to play

That would save many dodge-queues for players who clearly don't want to endure a game with a clear defeat chance because of heavy trolling...

It may have been suggested before, i don't really know, but posting this would maybe press on the importance of such a system which will cleary make the games much enjoyable...

Oh and i know making premades would seem a solution to avoid trolls but it takes time and it requires that friends are on, chat rooms are responsive, and not idle like many times, every single time you would want to enjoy the game...