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New character

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I am proposing a possible new champion to add to LoL's list of awesome champions.

I thought his name might be Necros. Although, I'm not quite sure if he should be from the Noxus, or the Void. He is a very mysterious and vague Champion, hooded and shrouded from the world. He is equipped with two over sized blades, that happen to be ivy swords. What are ivy swords? Well I'm glad you asked. Ivy swords are blades that come apart at certain sections and turn into a whip type weapon along with the sword parts spaced on the whip. Necros is a ranged character, dealing his attacks from a distance, sometimes. On to his possible Q W E and R.

For Q - I was thinking like a void topic attack. He casts portals in a circular formation around a group of enemies, and enters one. From there flying in and out of the portals, at a dash speed dealing damage to whoever is there.

For W - I was thinking a volley attack. Driving both swords underground, and releasing the ivy sword effect, from there the spikes on his sword come out from the ground in a volley attacking enemies dealing damage, and slowing there speed down

For E - I was thinking a grab move, like Blitzcrank, and Darius ( a slight inspiration). If within range, Necros will activate his ivy swords, and lash them out a the enemy. Grabbing the opponent (Champion only), he pulls his swords back in to keep his enemy close

For R - It gets a little tricky. I had two thoughts

1. When activated, Necros releases his ivy swords, and begins to lash them out in all directions. Dealing damage to whoever get caught in the cross fire.

2. When activated, Necros will either catch one or two Champions in his range, one for each sword. Shooting the ivy swords at them, latching on to them, begins to flail them around him dealing damage to that/those champions. If there is anybody in or around these champions when colliding with other minions and champions they get extra damage dealt to them, and the minions or champions as well.

His passive I was thinking of a permanent health or attack damage bonuses. When killing another champion, Necros gets even more bonus.

Please excuse my inexperienced artistry, I am not the best. This is the best that I could draw him. It's a rough sketch, and I hope you can do a better job than me at recreating him. I hope you take deep thought into putting this potentially new champion into League of Legends. I have put much thought and time into Necros and hopes he will make a fine addition to League of Legends. There is an attachment linked to this email. I hope you enjoy. Enclosed with attachment.