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Shyvana or Ezrael , post input plz

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going to buy either shyvana or ezrael today, looking for some input , pros/cons?

i play mostly 3v3s at level 20 range atm post your thoughts thanks =)

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Senior Member


1.high damage output without buying a lot of dmg items
2. Good chasing ability
3. An absolute beast in team fights (dragon form gives her 3 aoe spells)
4. no mana or energy
5. clears minions quickly

1. can be easy to harass in the laning phase
2. difficult to farm if you are zoned (flame breath is not the optimal farming tool)
3. no natural CC. (this is the biggest con)
4. no sustain abilities. (this is easily solved with regen or lifesteal)
5.Teams tend to expect a lot out of shyv players

I dont play ezreal so my opinion on him is solely based on my encounters as a teammate/opponent.

1.Can be built AD or AP
2. Strong escape
3. global ult with low cooldown
4. Ezreal players will finally stop *****ing about the pulsefire skin. (in all honesty I cant blame them though)

1. can be mana hungry if not played well
2. vulnerable to CC
3. Squishy (2 and 3 are standard for most carries, so this is nothing specific to Ez)

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Scarlet Reaper

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shyvana can be played in lane, but the jungle is where she really shines. Her incredible clear speeds means that she can gank more often than other junglers, or go capture objectives or counter jungle.

ezreal is a standard ad carry. He has a nice steroid if you are proficient with skill shots, and can buff his team with his w. He can also be played ap, but i think his skill set partially goes to waste if you do so, and he is not played to his full potential.

So, TLDR, play ezreal if u want an ad carry with the possibility of ap carry, and play shyvana if you want a jungler, with the possibility of a top laner.