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Summoners – NA 6.17.2012 Extended Outage

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Fire Fist Fenix

Senior Member



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Maybe we get more boost for this outtage?

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In EU, they get hacked loads of personal info get leaked to stranger, 0 benefits as a compensation were given. I can see that RIOT really prefers NA to EU...

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Nope, I don't accept that. This is a live service and these problems look to be a shortcoming in coding and testing. I invest money in you for a measurement of joy (utility). At this point, you have my money...

This is a cash issue with us and you.

This game is free to try, but requires money for a more complete experience. Based on my investment and the others who have invested in this experience, you must understand how absolutely unacceptable this current situation is.

Rather than give me extra non-money, how about some Riot Points, and how about a bunch of them! Because those cost money, and right now you are a waste of that resource in both time and actual currency. Actual Riot Points would show a sense that you are not a non-profit organization.

I'm a one game kind of guy, and currently this is it. I am pretty sure me and other people I've brought to this game are about fed up with this nonsense. So, if you do not fix this, it is gonna begin to hurt your bottom line and a lot of this word-of-mouth you need will become silenced. I am actually embarrassed in this level of service, because I brought so many people to this game and now we have to put up with this.


Enough said. You have the means (from us) to fix this. Quit being stingy and act like you make 25 million in profits.

We will see.